Heroic Actions are one of the collectibles you can get in Zombie Army 4. Check out this guide to find all of the Zombie Army 4 Heroic Action locations. You will get extra loot and extra perks for completing these as you go.

Zombie Army 4 Heroic Action Locations

Dead Ahead Heroic Action
The first Heroic Action is found in the last chapter of level one, Gone Off The Rails. As you run through the train yard, you will come across some stairs you have to go up. Rush up the stairs, then down the next set to a shack. Inside this shack are two men fighting the zombies. Keep them BOTH alive and you will get the Heroic Action after you kill all the zombies. The safe will open up with your reward.

Death Canal Heroic Action
The next Heroic Action is found during The Shadows of Venice chapter. Right after you defeat the zombie bomber planes, progress towards the safe room until you get to the fenced area. Take a quick left and there will be a single guy about to be eaten by a zombie. Save him for the Heroic Action.

Meat Locker Heroic Action
The next one is found in the Schweiger’s Revenge chapter. As soon as you exit the safe room, dash straight ahead and in the distance you can see a guy being attacked by a zombie. Clear the zombies to save him and get the action.

Zombie Zoo Heroic Action
The next one is found during the Don’t Tap The Glass chapter. There is a large scale zombie defense in a room with a sniper behind some crates. The zombies all go at him and try to eat him. Keep him alive for the Heroic Action, and to get the safe open in the next room.

Rotten Coast Heroic Action
Next Action is found during the Village of Darkness chapter. There is a sniper tower in the town area and at the top is a sniper. You have to protect him from zombies coming up the stairs and from the zombie tank outside. If you are in co-op, have someone deal with the tank with the rocket launcher and someone else watch the stairs. When the zombies are all dead, he will open the safe and you will complete the Heroic Action. I had to toss a nade at him in the end to get to move from the safe. He didn’t die, he was just blocking my path.

Molten Nightmare Heroic Action
Next Heroic Action is found during the Hot On The Trail chapter. Get to the dock and defend the boat to get a demolition charge. Blow the debris up and a guy near the safe room will run to the boat. Escort him back because zombies will spawn in and try to eat him. Once he makes it back, you will get your Heroic Action.

All Roads Lead To Hell Heroic Action
On your way to meet up with the Advance Squad in the City Of The Dead chapter, you will find the next Heroic Action. After the gate closes behind you, run down the alley and quickly look to the right. There will be a guy being attacked by a zombie. Clear him and your Heroic Action will pop up.

Hell Base Heroic Action
This next one is found during the Not In Kansas Anymore chapter. After you fill the blood fountain, run to the cliffs edge and look down to the right most bridge below. There will be some zombies going at a single guy down there. Clear them out and you will get your Heroic Action. He also opens a room down below the tower with an upgrade kit inside.

Hell Machine Heroic Action
Last one is found during Obliterate Hitler’s Army. Once you leave the safe room, look to the left and up to see a single dude fighting alone. Defend him for about 20 or so seconds and the Heroic Action will pop up.

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