If you like first-person shooters and you have been playing video games for a while, it’s almost impossible that you have never heard of XIII. The shooter from Microids was one of the titles that made cel-shading popular among the players, and it has become a cult game over the years. After it was launched in 2003 many other games in the genre, have made use of the same type of rendering and the most notable ones are the ones in the Borderlands series.

We have been eager to see what Microids and PlayMagic were preparing for us since the remake of XIII was announced back in April.
“Our goal is to bring XIII’s compelling story to a new generation of players with the best possible graphics and animation. The result will be nothing short of spectacular as we promise to celebrate the amazing work done on the original game,” the publisher said then, revealing that the new XIII would be coming in November this year.

But it seems that things are not going as they planned and they will need more time to deliver a quality product to the players. They have confirmed that the launch of XIII has been delayed to 2020, because “additional development time is needed to reach the level of polish we’re aiming for.”

The original XIII is based on the graphic novel series from 1984 with the same name and follows the story of Jason Fly. He is an amnesic man accused of having murdered the President of the United States, and as he progresses through the story, he will uncover his identity and find out that a group of powerful people (the XX) are behind a conspiration to overthrow the government. The game features a comic book style that made it quite popular, and the cel-shading of the weapons and characters fits perfectly with it.


Nothing else has been revealed so far about the new XIII, but as soon as the developers decide to let us know a bit more, you will be the first to know. Until then you can keep yourself busy with any of the upcoming shooters that will show up in the following months, like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Ghost Recon Breakpoint, and Borderlands 3.

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