Introduced two years ago, the Play Anywhere service allows you to play both your Xbox One and your PC with the same game. This allows you to play your favorite games from your couch, but also wherever you want on your PC while keeping your backups from one platform to another. ANot all games are compatible with Play Anywhere, the catalog currently has a little more than forty games. To view the eligible games, the complete list can be found at this address.

This service, completely free without taking into account the purchase price of the game, works exclusively with games in digital version. It’s good to know also that the Gold subscription is not required, and anyone with an active silver account can benefit from Play Anywhere. You must, of course, be logged in on the same account from one platform to another. The service works on all Xbox One models, including the One S, as long as the console is up to date. As for the PC, you need to have Windows 10 and the Anniversary update. In 2018, a priori, this update should be already in most PCs, if it is not the case, take a look at your settings. In addition, an internet connection is essential to be able to benefit from the service.

Now that we have seen the requirements, how does it work? Well, it’s very simple. You must, of course, buy an eligible game, for example, ReCore, one of the first compatible games when the service launched (a very good game, by the way, I recommend it). I repeat: the game must be a digital version! In our comparator, you can easily find eligible games with the Play Anywhere logo. Once the code/CD key in your possession, two solutions are available to you: activate it on PC, or on Xbox One.

On PC:

With your code, go to the Windows Store, making sure to be connected with the account you want to use. Open the menu at the top right and select “exchange code”. A window will then open asking you to enter the code. A message will appear, confirming that your code has been taken into account. Close this window, a new one will open with a download button. You only have to click for the download to begin, and once finished, the game will be in your library. You can then download it via the market on your Xbox One too×444.png.

On Xbox One:

The way to do it is pretty much the same. Go to the Xbox Marketplace and select “Use Code.” Fill it out, and close the window. Go to your library to start the download.
If you go now to the Microsoft Store on your PC, you should see this on the game card:

You just have to install the game to play on your PC. And now, voila !

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