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In Thursday’s Xbox Games Showcase, we finally got a comprehensive look at what people can look forward to with Xbox Series X, such as gameplay for Halo Infinite and an official announcement of the new Fable by Playground Games. However, that barely begins to scratch the surface. Here’s a comprehensive list of what Xbox had to show us with their showcase.



Halo Infinite


Rather than just show cutscenes or a movie trailer, Xbox opted to give us a peak into Halo Infinite‘s gameplay, which seems to be a cutting-edge Halo experience in terms of combat and mechanics. Stylistically, the game took a strange direction. Enemies blend into the background while weapon shots and shields are flashy and bright. It also seems 343 Industries opted to leave adrenaline-pumping music out of the combat, or at least the combat we saw. Overall it looks fun, but as a game it seems a bit rough from a design perspective.



State of Decay 3


It’s hard to believe we’re already getting another State of Decay. No date was given for release, but State of Decay 2 released just over two years ago to mediocre reviews. From what little we saw, State of Decay 3 will come with infected animals instead of just infected people. This could open up a lot of new doors for the gameplay and AI, but we’ll have to see how Dead Labs handles it.



Forza Motorsport game


As expected, an all-new Forza title is on the horizon (get it?). It looks like they increased the reflection budget tenfold.





We got a larger taste of this mystical title from Rare. They first announced Everwild at X019, and with this new trailer it feels like we don’t know too much else about the game. From the looks of it, I would call it a four-person co-op experience in which you take on mythical creatures and challenges. However, even if this is true, I’m at a loss as far as what this will actually mean in terms of gameplay.



Tell Me Why


DONTNOD has had a lot of buns in the oven for the past five years, and Tell Me Why is one of those. We didn’t learn much else from what we already know; it’s a story-driven, character-centered experience that explores transgender and familial themes. The biggest thing we go was a Tell Me Why release date: August 27, 2020, although that’s just chapter one, indicating that DONTNOD will be going forward with episodic releases similar to Life Is Strange.



Ori and the Will of the Wisps


What? But that game already came out! Indeed, but Moon Studios plans on giving it a facelift for the release of Xbox Series X. Everybody’s been craving a remastered version of Ori and the Will of the Wisps ever since it came out four months ago, and now, that dream is going to be coming true.



The Outer Worlds: Peril on Gorgon


The Outer Worlds received high praise for its use of RPG elements, and besides a Switch release, it’s been relatively quiet. This DLC from Obsidian looks to give more weapons and enemies, but the trailer failed to show much in the way of a plot. However, it’s probably safe to say that fans of the base game will likely be happy with more of the same when it releases on September 9, 2020.





Obsidian strikes again with a final trailer for Grounded before it releases on July 28. For this trailer, they took a humorous approach that did little other than further spread awareness for the game. The survival title wasn’t stealing the show away.





Obsidian? When did you get here? Based on what’s in the brief trailer, Avowed seeks to be Skyrim ten years later, which is something most people can probably get on board with. Fire arrows, short swords, purple fingertips that scream magic, and the sounds of monsters spell a fantasy game that hopefully takes from all the things Skyrim did well while still standing out enough to develop its own identity. No gameplay, no release date, just intrigue.



As Dusk Falls


As Dusk Falls appears to take a Telltale approach to game development. It’s hard to say if the comic-like style we saw is the true style of the game or just the trailer. It appears to promise an intriguing story with plenty of drama, but where does it land in the gameplay department?



Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice


It’s set in Iceland.



Psychonauts 2


Jack Black sings us a Peter McConnell original song. In the foreground, we get to see the new acid trip that will be Psychonauts 2. We’ll see all of the vibrant colors Double Fine put into it on Xbox Series X.



Destiny 2: Beyond Light


Xbox Series X and, more importantly, Xbox Game Pass will see Bungie’s Destiny 2. Additionally, it will come with all DLC and expansions. Xbox Series X owners will get a new version of the game optimized for the console. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members will also be able to play it on mobile through xCloud. Xbox also gave us a look at the Beyond Light expansion that’s set to release on November 10, 2020.



S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2


Dark and creepy, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 is coming to Xbox Series X… no, for real this time… yes. It’s actually going to release. The game was originally going to release in 2012, but by then the game had been canceled entirely. We learned back in 2018 that this new attempt at S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 would release in 2021. Based on this teaser, it’s looking promising that we’ll actually get it this time.



Warhammer 40K: Darktide


I cannot stress to you how unbelievably important it is that we have another Warhammer 40K video game in 2021. No… wait! Where are you going? We have so many more announcements! I swear I won’t bring it up again!



Tetris Effect: Connected


Tetris Effect was a huge hit, and now a new one will release with Xbox Series X in holiday 2020. This one promises “optimized singleplayer” and “all-new multiplayer”. Get your wallet ready.



The Gunk


It’s hard to pin down how excited I should be for this one, because The Gunk offers little intrigue with this trailer. It strikes me as the typical “explore a foreign world, gather resources, fight bland and overdone enemies” formula; the only difference is that you’re gathering gunk instead of plants and materials. More or less, it makes me think of No Man’s Sky without the traveling between galaxies.



The Medium


Another game that was supposed to release years ago. However, this time it looks like Bloober Team found the technology they wanted for the game. Dual world games often have high potential, and this one in particular features plenty of mystery and suspense.



Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis


This year, we North Americans finally got a chance to play Phantasy Star Online 2, and now the next expansion is already coming in 2021. While this could be exciting, we have to keep in mind that it’s the trailer’s job to put the best foot forwards. There aren’t many companies out there that are ballsy enough to demonstrate in their trailer all of the empty space in your game world. There’s plenty of combat as well, but what really caught my eye was how willing they were to show you right off the bat the main character running through fields with nothing as far as the eye can see.





I think CrossfireX is going to be my favorite Call of Duty game since Battlefield 1.



Fable game


This one was treated as a “one more thing” announcement, but everyone pretty much knew about this. What’s curious is that we weren’t given any indication that the game would be the fabled Fable IV. Nonetheless, we finally have an announcement for the game, and it will be coming to Xbox Series X.



Another year, another Xbox showcase. This one seemed to pack a decent punch, especially with Halo Infinite gameplay. Which announcement was your favorite?

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