World War Z is not your average zombie shooter. It´s doing extremely well in a genre that is packed with all kind of titles, and it’s not due to the fact that it takes inspiration from a movie. The main cause is that the guys from Saber Interactive are doing a very good job keeping the game alive with constant updates. The first season of the game already included plenty of content for the players to enjoy, and now they will be getting even more things to do in the game in updates that will span through the last quarter of the year, as we can see in the roadmap that has been recently revealed.

World War Z – Season 2 Roadmap

During the Season Two of World War Z we will see the addition of both free and paid content. On the free side, Update 4 includes a couple of very challenging missions that will take us to visit Moscow and New York. While we finish those, we will be able to get a new weapon and unlock plenty of prestige ranks and rewards with our favorite hobby: mass-killing zombies.

The second update in this new season of World War Z will bring a new gameplay mode, Horde Mode Z, that will allow us to fight against waves of zombies. The addition of a new type of volatile zombie will make things a bit more difficult and may force players to change their usual tactics. This update will also add crossplay support for PvE, making it even easier to find groups for cooperative mode.

If you are one of those that don’t mind paying an extra to look cool in the game, World War Z is also getting two paid DLCs before the year ends. These include different character and weapon skins for you to customize your character.

If World War Z is your favorite zombie shooter you won’t get bored this fall, and if it’s not, you can find the best price for it with our comparator.

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