One of the most popular zombie shooters recently released continues to expand its content. If you aren’t playing World War Z already, you should know that you are missing a great shooting experience where you will be able to fight hordes of zombies to your heart’s content. Similar to the film which the games takes inspiration from, the game features an incredible number of bloodthirsty zombies for you to fight, probably more than you can count. Surviving in such an scenario is not an easy task, but World War Z delivers a gameplay that has managed to entice players, achieving very good numbers with more than one million copies sold just in the first week after its launch.

But World War Z developers want to keep evolving their game, and they are doing it launching a huge patch. The first major update of the game is bringing a new mission that will take place in Tokyo, as well as a number of new features. Among those you can find a new type of zombie, private lobbies, a FOV scale slider, and an option to change PvP loadout during the game. The patch also includes stability improvements, a varitey of changes for weapons and perks, and general fixes.

The changes coming in this patch are only the tip of the iceberg. World War Z is getting more free content in the following months too, including a new Weekly Challenge mode, plus additional cosmetics and other goodies, as it was revealed when the roadmap for the game was shown.

World War Z Roadmap

As you can see World War Z is getting plenty of attention from its developers so far and we hope that it continues like that for a long time. If you haven’t played the game yet remember that you can find the best price to buy World War Z in our comparator.

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