Some may think that it’s too early, especially considering that there is a lot of people still leveling their characters and have had no chance of experience Molten Core raid or even the upper instances of Blackrock Spire. But game director Ion Hazzikostas has revealed in an interview that the second phase of World of Warcraft Classic will be released at some point before the year ends.

No release date has been revealed for this second phase of World of Warcraft Classic because it depends on the population of the servers. The process simple: a layering system was implemented to handle the huge number of people present in certain areas during the first days after the launch of World of Warcraft Classic. When the population of the servers has stabilized, and with the players spread through different regions, the need for multiple instances of a zone disappears. The importance of having a non-layered server for the next phase is based on the addition of two world bosses: the demon Lord Kazzak and the blue dragon Azuregos. Those two are meant to be killed once per week per server, and having multiple instances of Azshara and Blasted Lands would probably lead to abuse and multiple kills per week.


Other than the two world bosses which drop some exclusive loot and that will lead to some competition among the guilds and parties that will get organized to take them down, this second phase of World of Warcraft Classic will also add a new dungeon to the game. Dire Maul, the ogre city in Feralas, will challenge players with new events and offer very nice rewards to those that manage to uncover its treasures when exploring the three huge wings of the dungeon. Whether you decide to become the new King of the Ogres or not, you will have access to some of the best loot in the game outside Molten Core.

Dire Maul

On the PVP side, this second phase also brings the addition of the Honor system to World of Warcraft Classic, which will give the players another good reason to fight against the other faction.

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