Who Will You Save In Gears 5 Guide
During the final parts of Gears 5, you’re given a choice of who to save. You can choose to save either JD or Del. This Who Will You Save In Gears 5 Guide will tell you what happens when you choose to save JD and what happens when you choose to save Del.

There are major spoilers in the sections that follow. When you reach this point of the story you have a limited amount of time to look at the character you want to save, before throwing your knife to save them.

Besides the obvious huge difference in one particular aspect of the ending, the vast majority of it is identical. The dialogue, animations, surviving characters, events, it’s all the same – except for this one single choice.

Who Will You Save In Gears 5 Guide

If You Save JD
If you decide to save JD instead of Del, Del is killed. His neck is snapped and he disappears into caverns below as the city begins to crumble. JD grabs his dog tags. You and JD have a moment to grieve in a short sequence that follows. When you meet up with Marcus and he learns of Del’s fate, him and JD hug. When Felix arrives to pick up the group, he goes to make a joke to Del.

At the end, Marcus consoles JD.

If You Save Del
If you choose to save Del, JD has his neck broken and falls below as the ground crumbles underfoot. You and Del share a moment, grieving the loss of JD. A short while later you help Marcus fend of a wave of enemies. After the fight, you pass JD’s dog tags to Marcus and explain that he’s dead. Marcus is obviously crushed. At the end Del consoles Marcus.

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