Where To Find The Surfboard In Temtem
One of the main progression items in Temtem is the Surfboard. Check out this guide to find out where to find the Surfboard in Temtem. With this you can access new areas and catch new Temtem.

Where To Find The Surfboard In Temtem

In order to get the Surfboard, you will have to first make it to the town of Arissola, which is the third town. Here you can try to enter the Dojo to face off with Sophia. When you try to enter, you are blocked off and told Sophia is not currently in. Work your way north and follow the path to the old fort area. Here, you have to beat the trainers and free Sophie from her cell. After you do that, she will be waiting for you at the Arissola Dojo. I recommend an electric Temtem because she has birds and water types mostly. Beat her down and your reward will be the Surfboard and some cash.

Now you can go into the water areas of the world of Temtem. Check back soon for more Temtem guides.

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