Where To Find The Resurrection Lilies In Indivisible
One of the first quests you run into in Indivisible, is to find some Resurrection Lilies. Check out this guide to find out where to find the Resurrection Lilies in Indivisible. You really don’t want to miss out on the reward for this.

Where To Find The 3 Resurrection Lilies In Indivisible

As you progress in the game you will run into a young botanist who asks for your help. You need to find three Resurrection Lilies in the area for a reward. Follow the path right and drop down into the underground ruin area. Keep going until you get to this part here.

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Instead of jumping down, do a wall jump off the ledge on the opposite side and climb up to the top. If you are having a hard time with the jump, grab it with the axe first and then wall jump. This will lead you to your first Lily. Now drop down and follow the path until you get here.

Resurrection Lilies In Indivisible 2

Don’t go down the hole. You want to climb the right side and find your second Lily there. When you have the Lily, take the hole and follow it down until you run into a boss. Kill the boss and go past him to this point.

Resurrection Lilies In Indivisible 3

You will need to do a axe grab to the wall and then use that to wall jump higher. At the top there is a path on the right side blocked by roots. Jump over, use your axe, and go through. Follow it to the end to find your last Lily and a fake Lily enemy. The enemy can be killed with launch attacks, up on the pad plus the attack button. When you have all three, the botanist pair will join you as a new member of your team.

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