Where To Find More Gift Items In Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot
Want to farm gift items to increase your Community levels? This guide on Where To Find More Gift Items In Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot will tell you all the different places and methods you can use to find more gift items quickly, so you can maximize each of the Community Skills on your Community Board.

Once you have completed part of the beginning of the game and viewed the tutorial on how to give gifts in DBZ Kakarot, you’re free to find and distribute gifts as you please. Gifts are quite common throughout the game but giving gifts to the right people is paramount for ensuring your communities flourish as early as possible.

Where To Find More Gift Items In Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Once you have unlocked Soul Emblems you can give gifts to the character to improve their community stats and community skills, these are especially effective on community leaders. However, you will need a lot of gifts if you want to maximize the community skills available.

Working Through The Story
It’s an obvious one but one that works. Many of the story missions offer huge experience points bonuses and also occasionally some gift items. It’s not the best source of farming as each mission can only be completed one time initially but the further in the campaign you are, the higher ranked gift items become available with the other methods.

Complete Substories
The Substories in DBZ Kakarot are quick, easy, and often offer some great insight into the Dragon Ball world. All of the Substories belong to one of the categories of Communities, such as Cooking or Z Warriors, and those particular Substories provide gifts for those specific categories. It’s tough to go for a single category as they are all spread out but if you want to advance your communities quickly, this is one of the best methods of finding more gifts.

Search The World
There are a lot of items scattered throughout the game world. Pay special attention to purple orbs and other rare items, using your Kai Sense (L1/LB) to track them down. It’s not a fast method but if you’re passing one of the way to another objective, a few seconds to pick it up goes a long way.

Take Down Enemy Bases
The best method we’ve found for getting more gifts so far, destroying enemy bases. These come in various forms throughout the game. During the Saiyan Saga, Red Ribbon Towers will begin to appear. Later, after you’ve completed the Frieza Saga, Frieza’s spaceships will begin to appear on Earth. These are both easily found using the map, with distinct icons, it’s not difficult to track them down. Use your Ki Blasts to destroy them. You’ll sometimes get ingredients and other useful items but more often than not, you will find a lot of gift items. They respawn after a short time so it’s easy to get a decent number of gifts this way.

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