Where To Find Caladbolg - Best Sword In Cadence Hyrule
Want to find Links best sword in Cadence Hyrule? This Where To Find Caladbolg – Best Sword In Cadence Hyrule guide will tell you everything you need to know to unlock the Caladbolg Sword for use with Link at any time. The Caladbolg is only available towards the end of the game.

Firstly, you need to make sure you have all the required equipment. You must have completed all four dungeons, so you have all four magical instruments to remove the magical barrier blocking the entrance to Hyrule Castle. Once you have completed all the dungeons, you will also need the Bow and Longshot. Check out our special items & weapons guide for information on those.

Where To Find Caladbolg – Best Sword In Cadence Hyrule

Step #1 – Unlocking The Puzzle Room
Just before you enter Hyrule Castle through the main door, look to the left. There’s a tower with a closed door that you cannot enter. To the East of the area there is a small switch sitting atop a platform. You need to get on top of that using a rock you can move from the left.

Where To Find Caladbolg

Statue Puzzle
Once inside the puzzle room, kill all the enemies. Shoot the box down using a bow and then push the box into the middle so you can jump between platforms. Then use your Longshot to move from statue to statue. The sword is up the stairs in a box on the roof.

Statue Puzzle Step

Statue Puzzle Step 2

Statue Puzzle Step 3

Now you have unlocked Caladbolg.

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