When Does The Shop Open In Luigi's Mansion 3
Early on, you will see the shop icon in the lab in Luigi’s Mansion 3. Check out the article to find out when the shop opens up in Luigi’s Mansion 3. You will finally be able to spend your hard earned cash.

When Does The Shop Open In Luigi’s Mansion 3

In order to unlock the shop in Luigi’s Mansion 3, you will have to clear floor 5 of the hotel. Up on this floor is a mini boss chef ghost that you will have to beat. After you beat it, retrieve the elevator button from the rats and go back to the elevator. Here you will be contacted by Egad, who will ask you to return to the lab. When you return to the lab, he will give you a dog bone and open up the shop for you. You will have to capture the first Boo in order to get the Boo item unlocked.

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