In Nioh 2 there is a purple Kodama that you will run into from time to time. Check out this guide to find out what to give the Purple Kodama in Nioh 2. It will reward you with extra loot and exp for a reward.

What To Give The Purple Kodama In Nioh 2

When you run into the purple Kodama, it will tell you that it wants something. The item you are looking to hand over is called the Red Spider Lily. You can only hold three at a time and they are not easy to find. So far, I have only found one as a reward from the first level and then one dropped of a random Yokai. I think the Yokai one was just lucky though. When you have the Red Spider Lily, you need to drop it from your inventory onto the floor near the Kodama. It will take a moment, but the purple Kodama will go pick it up and shower you with loot after to shot its appreciation. When I find more Red Spider Lilies I will add their location.

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