Wasteland 3 Creepy Doll Locations Guide
Creepy Dolls provide permanent bonuses to your entire squad, so you’ll want to find them all. This Wasteland 3 Creepy Doll Locations Guide lists the locations of all of the Creepy Dolls we have discovered on our journey through Wasteland 3 so far.

This list is not exhaustive. Wasteland 3 is a massive game with tons to do and many places to explore. However, we’ve been diligent in our efforts to search every nook and cranny, so hopefully we can help you discover some Creepy Dolls to buff you and your squad mates permanently.

The list below provides information on the location of the Creepy Doll and the bonus it provides.

  • Keen Karen (Garden Of The Gods) – +1 Perception
  • Radical Rachel (Ranger HQ) – +5% Explosive Damage
  • Maneater Maury (Bizarre Exterior) – +15 Con
  • F’in Fred (Old Survivalist Bunker) – +5% Damage Vs. Humans

Where To Find Creepy Dolls In Wasteland 3

Keen Karen Creepy Doll (Garden Of The Gods)
Keen Karen Creepy Doll
Grants a +1 to Perception. In the Garden of the Gods, West of Bellamy Wards Workshop. There’s a small snow arch you can walk under. The Creepy Doll is buried on the other side.
Radical Rachel (Ranger HQ)
Radical Rachel (Ranger HQ)
Inside the room that becomes the museum when you recruit Junko the museum creator. It’s the South Eastern most room, a small box in the corner.
Maneater Maury (Bizarre Exterior)
Maneater Maury (Bizarre Exterior)
You can find this Creep Doll in a Dufflebag at this location in the Bizarre Exterior. It provides +15 Con to all party members.
Fu**in Fred (Old Survivalist Bunker)
F'in Fred (Old Survivalist Bunker)
Complete the Lords of War Secondary Mission in Colorado Springs. After you complete most of Colorado Springs and you’ve completed the Bizarre, you will get a radio message from Dead Red asking you to break someone out of prison. After you free and recruit Ironclad, you will find a dying man on a bed. Search the chest in the nearby room for this book.

We are still working our way through the game so check back soon for updates on more Creepy Doll locations.

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