Wasteland 3 Choices And Consequences Guide
Wasteland 3 is full of choices that can have rippling effects on the rest of the game. Check out this Wasteland 3 choices and consequences guide to figure out what choice does what. This way you can earn more rep, more rewards, and avoid some tougher fights if need be.

Wasteland 3 Choices And Consequences Guide

Dorsey Hostage Choice
Early on in the game you will run into someone being held hostage by one of the Dorsey goons.

Hard Ass/Kiss Ass
Either of these choices will make the goon run away and leave the hostage unharmed. The Dorsey Goon will go warn the next group that you are coming though.

Kill The Goon
You kill the goon, but not before she kills the hostage. This hostage will become a team member later if she lives. If she dies you will save a second hostage but she won’t leave. You can kill her if you want as well. You will get some ammo from her corpse, but don’t lose any rep.

Major Vera Choice
All the options here lead to the same outcome, Vera’s death. You can use whatever skill you have but it won’t stop her from dying.

Ranger HQ Choices And Consequences Guide

The Patriarch Choices

Kill Dorsey
You kill Dorsey and get Patriarch Marshal rep +1

He’s Your Prisoner
The Patriarch will thank you but you will get no rep or any bonuses.

Leadership 2
You suggest that Dorsey is placed in Prison instead of killed.

You get more choices after that, most of which don’t matter.

First Aid
The Patriarch gets upset and says there is nothing wrong with him.

Thank you Patriarch
This will get you more rep for the Patriarch. Patriarch Marshal rep +1.

No we want our stuff and we are leaving
He won’t let you leave but you can attack them if you want. You will be surrounded by guys in power armor, but the choice is yours.

Servitor Bot Choices
Kiss Ass
The robots will let you walk through without a fight.

Ask if they have been guarding the spot the whole time
They inform you that they have and more options pop up.

Attack The Robots
You attack the robots.

The Government is gone
They call you foolish and give you a couple more options. Either way this ends in a fight with the Robots.

Okay we will leave
You leave and figure out a new plan.

Del Hackett Choices
She asks if you will let her stay here or not.
You can stay
You gain Wastelander Rep +5 and they stick around.

You need to leave
You lose 5 Wastelander rep and they will leave.

Wasteland 3 Colorado Springs Downtown Choices

Freeing Austin Choices
After you speak with Austin, talk to the Magistrate and you can attempt to free Austin.

Kiss Ass 4
You will get +5 wastelanders rep for this and he will be free. Austin then goes to your base.

What if we pay the damages?
You pay 200 and free Austin and he goes back to your base.

He’s not a bad kid
He doesn’t care and you are put back to the other choices.

He doesn’t have mercy and you are booted back to the other choices.

Doresy Hunter Choices
This is for a side quest in the Springs. You enter a clothes store and the Dorsey boys want a fight.

Kiss Ass 3
They put on some clothes and walk out and the town is none the wiser.

You start a fight with the Dorseys.

We just want to talk
They say no way and the fight begins.

Isaac Reed Choices
At the end of his convo you will have a choice to let him die or save him.
Stop Lucia
You stop Lucia from killing Issac. Later on you tell her you didn’t want his death on her conscious and she thanks you.

You can then choose to send them to your base and keep them locked up there, or have the marshal take care of it.

Ranger HQ
They will be locked up in Ranger HQ and the sheriff will give you a jailer to watch over them.

Hand over to Marshals
You will get 5 rep for the marshals, some merc armor, and some fame. If you tell her that we are all on the same side you get one extra rep as well. Either way you get Hope for your jail back at base.

Let Lucia Kill Him
Lucia shoots him in the gut so he will slowly die and you get another choice. She will freak out a bit later, but she still sticks around.

Finish the job kid
Lucia kill Issac and then is violently ill. The rest of the people attack you and you need to defend yourself. You lose hundred families rep this way.

Kill him yourself
You kill Issac and there is a fight with the hundred families, resulting in loss of rep for them.

Let him bleed to death
He dies and you fight the hundred family and lose rep with them.

After The Hundred Families Youth Battle
After the fight you will get a prompt.
Tell them you killed the Dorseys

Tell them you killed the Dorseys and the Youths
You lose 5 rep from the Hundred Families.

Arresting The Hundred Families Youth Battle
Send a team to pick them up.
You bring them back to your base. The sheriff is a tad annoyed, but you got the job done.

Bring them to the sheriff

Irv Choices
After you get done speaking with Irv, you get two choices.

Recruit to Ranger HQ
Irv will be happy and thank you. You can find him back at your base.

Send him home
You tell him to keep quiet at the apartment and send him back home.

Machine Shop Choices

Shop Foreman Choices
We just want to talk
Either way you get into a fight.

You fight the crew.

Mactavish Choices
Pay 500
He thanks you and tells you what you need to know.

Pay 300 Barter 4
He takes the money and tells you what you need to know.

No deal, talk or we kill you
He will tell you what you need to know.

You either talk or we take you to the marshals
He doesn’t want to be locked up so he will tell you what you need to know.

After you get the info, you get another choice.

Get out of town
Mactavish is happy and he leaves town. I am not sure if you run into him again or not.

You can go but I want a little reward first
He will lose his mind and pay you 115$ before leaving.

Arrest him
If you arrest him you will get a choice on where to send him. If you send him to the marshals you will get 5 rep with them. If you send him to your HQ, he will go into your jail and you get no rep.

Kill him
If you kill him you will get his mask, which gives 3 armor, +1 to toaster repair, and +1 to mechanics. No rep loss or anything like that.

Little Vegas Choices

Marshal Lupinski Choice
After you speak with the boss in Little Vegas, the marshals will show up and demand you hand him over or they will fight you.
You will have to face off with Lupinski and his corrupted marshals. There are quite a few of them, so be ready for a fight.

Arrest Brygo
You will get 15 rep with Patriarch’s Marshals, some cash, and some grenades. You will also get the marshals to man your armory instead of Brygo’s goons.

World Map Choices

Heads Or Tails Choice
For this one you need to choose which place you go to.

If you go to the Homestead, you will run into the Dorsey boys trying to attack a family inside. You can try to talk them down, but it results in a fight. If you do Hard Ass they will lose morale and the fight will be a tad easier.

If you use Kiss Ass and then Weird Science or Nerd Stuff you can make them leave the homestead without a fight. You are rewarded but the Dorsey’s say they’ll be seeing you again.

If you save the homestead, the caravan is destroyed and the mutants get the power armor. They also threaten Colorado Springs.

Here you run into mutants who have a hostage and they are looking for a fight. Clear them out and talk to the driver to get her to deliver her goods to Colorado Springs. They will bring the Power Armor to the marshals but you will get none at the moment. If you pick the Caravan, the Dorseys will slaughter the people at the homestead.

The Bizarre Choices

Refugee Choices
After you clear out the militia from the area outside of The Bizarre, you will free some refugees. They will ask you to help them find someone to transport them to Colorado Springs.

Pay Pareidolia Jones
Inside the Bizarre there is a man in a cowboy hat at the bar named Pareidolia Jones who will smuggle them to the Springs for 300$, 7 kick ass, or 6 barter. You will get +5 standing with the refugees faction for this.

Arrest Mama Cotter
You will lose 15 rep with the Wastelanders and you can then choose if she goes to the marshals or if you bring her back to HQ. If you have the marshals pick her up, her family will fight you and you will become hated with the Wastelanders. If you send her back to your HQ, she will be in your jail for the foreseeable future. Gideon will give you rep with the thousand families and he will send you mechanics.

No more smuggling
This isn’t really an option, she won’t stop unless you arrest her.

Keep helping refugees
This will get you 15 more rep for the Wastelanders and Mama Cotter will give you three of her sons to help work on your vehicle. This will mean that Gideon won’t help you with mechanics and you lose 15 rep with the thousand families.

The Old Survivalist Bunker Choices

Clouds Drifting West Choices

Turn off life support
You kill Clouds Drifting West while he stares into your eyes

Leave him alive
He is left alive, hooked up to a machine.

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