We have seen plenty of video games that take inspiration from World War II, but sometimes a new and original one appears and it manages to surprise us. This is the case of WARSAW, a challenging turn-based of RPG that takes place in the city that gives the name to the game during Nazi occupation in 1944.

In WARSAW you will control a group of “accidental heroes” that are part of the Polish resistance movement. In a final attempt to recover the city, you will organize groups of soldiers and civilians to send them through the city and take part in missions that will contribute towards the final objective of setting the capital fo Poland free from the invaders. You will have to manage the limited resources available and be aware of the skills that every character in your improvised army. As your teams move through the war-torn streets of the city, you will have to look for more resources and avoid or fight against Nazi patrols.

What is really surprising about WARSAW is its gameplay, which feels very similar to Darkest Dungeon. You create parties, send them in missions, use their skills and weapons to fight and return to base. Death is permanent in the game, so when you are lacking team members you have to recruit more and continue pushing for the success of the Warsaw Uprising. Even the visuals look similar, and the best thing about all this is that the final result is unexpectedly good and something that we are not used to seeing when we take a look at the usual World War II strategy games.

WARSAW – Gameplay

Regarding the historic accurancy of the game, WARSAW doesn’t try to be perfect. The 1944 Warsaw Uprising was a terrible event during the war, where more than 150.000 civilians died and the German army razed the city destroying any vestige of resistance. Fortunately, WARSAW doesn’t need that to deliver a culturally relevant and challenging experience that will delight the fans of the genre.

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