Void Bastards is becoming more and more surprising each day.

Ready for some Void Bastards action?

For what seems like something taken straight from comic books, Void Bastards features quite deep first-person combat mechanics. Void Bastards is the product of Blue Manchu, a studio led by Jonathan Chey, the previous design director of BioShock and System Shock 2. That alone will tell you that this game will be a mix of all the good stuff: sci-fi art fit for a Borderlands title, gameplay heavily inspired by Bioshock, and dark and almost sardonic humor.

Chey stated in a press release that he loves the deep simulational gameplay of his previous games and he wanted to bring that experience into Void Bastards but without replaying the story over and over. To address those issues about repeating the story what he did was to wrap the shooter inside a strategy game, and it seems that it turned out better than expected.

It’s been announced that Void Bastards is rolling out by the end of this month, May 29th 2019. The game will be playable for Xbox One and PC, and it will also be available via Xbox Game Pass on the day of the launch.

Along with the release date a new trailer has been published too. It’s very short but you can see that the game is indeed comic-book inspired. Expect a mix of space exploration and class-based shooting where you play as one of the inmates tasked with scavenging and looting spaceships for parts and upgrades. Your ability to fight enemies is dependant on your skill set and the hazards on the ships you are in. Void Bastards offers you a strategic approach to combat as you can manipulate your environment and set up traps to get rid of your enemies.

Check out the trailer below.

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