We all were waiting for it, and Ubisoft didn´t disappoint us. After the recent announcement of Watch Dogs: Legion nay of us were eager to find out what the new installment in the Watch Dogs series had to offer. We only had seen a few screenshots from the game, and we got to know that it will take place in the city of London in a possible not-so-far future after a No Deal Brexit. But now, with the footage of the game published at the E3, we have a much better knowledge about the game, and we can say that Ubisoft is definitely aiming to take the gameplay in the series to a new level.

London looks like the perfect scenario for the game, as it’s a cosmopolitan city with one of the biggest camera surveillance systems in the world. In Watch Dogs: Legion, the city is controlled by Albion, a private organization in charge of the “security”. Their means to control the citizens using riot drones and soldiers do not get along too well with the ideals of DedSec, and it becomes the seed for the creation of a resistance movement.

All this gets reflected in one of the most interesting features of Watch Dogs: Legion, and it´s that you won´t have a specific hero as the protagonist of the story, like Aiden Pearce o Marcus Holloway in previous Watch Dogs installments. Instead of that, you will be able to play as anyone, literally. You can recruit any citizen for DedSec’s cause, and that opens a world of possibilities because every NPC has a unique life. You can switch between the people you have recruited anytime, but you must be careful because there is permanent dead in Watch Dogs: Legion and if the character you are playing dies it will be gone for good.

Watch Dogs: Legion – You could be that granny too!

Watch Dogs: Legion is a high stake bet for Ubisoft. If like they promise, they manage to deliver a game where each character feels unique, we could have a fantastic experience with endless gameplay opportunities in our hands. We will find out if that´s the case as more information about the game is revealed.

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