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Dontnod’s Twin Mirror has gone without so much as a Tweet for nearly a year, until May 19, 2020, that is. That day, the Twin Mirror Twitter account posted an update that promised “more about the game” and urged us to stay tuned. Since then, we’ve been teased by several tweets that included images and short clips from Twin Mirror. Now, we finally know when to expect more information, maybe even a release date for the game. They Tweeted on Thursday that we could get more information at the PC Gaming Show on Saturday, June 13, 2:00 PM EST.



Twin Mirror was originally announced at E3 2018. The announcement trailer portrays a man named Sam who needs to traverse his own brain and memories in order to discover what he did on one fateful night. It also puts “2019” in huge letters at the end of it. However, Dontnod Tweeted in June of 2019 that Twin Mirror would be rescheduled for 2020.


After a year of silence, some big updates are expected. We’ll likely find out more about Sam, the town called Basswood, some supporting characters, and what features we can expect. However, that all almost feels overshadowed by the potential for a Twin Mirror release date. In times like these, where the industry is moving slower than ever, gaming events are shut down, and announcements are few and far between, this should serve as a breath of fresh air.



Granted, there’s reason to be skeptical before we even see what Dontnod has in store on June 13. Dontnod is responsible mainly for then games in the Life Is Strange franchise, minus Before the Storm, which was developed under Deck Nine. However, even these titles have trouble appealing to a large audience. Vampyr was a recent attempt at something new for Dontnod, and they received mixed reviews for that one, to say the least. Dontnod has made some big moves in recent years to separate themselves from being simply “the team that develops Life Is Strange”. In addition to Twin Mirror and Vampyr, the development company recently opened up a new studio in Montreal to be closer to its North American fanbase. They’re also currently working with Xbox Game Studios to produce Tell Me Why, a new adventure game also scheduled for 2020.


Twin Mirror will hopefully be a big step for Dontnod in the right direction, but only time will tell. Well, that and the PC Gaming Show on June 13. Tune in to for the event.


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