Trials Of Mana Abilities Unlock Guide
You can learn many Chain Abilities and Abilities in the Trials of Mana remake. This Trials Of Mana Abilities Unlock Guide tells you how to unlock all of the new abilities we discovered on our journey through the game. From the Training Menu you can access a variety of skills, buffs, and brand new attacks, but there’s more to the leveling system in Trials of Mana as certain characters and events can unlock further abilities.

We won’t be including basic abilities available through training as these are readily available at any point, and there’s a lot of characters in the game. Instead we will focus primarily on abilities that you may miss. Interacting with certain characters, completing certain events, these can both unlock new skills. Below is a table of the skills we have learned as we’ve explored through the game. They are listed in the order then can be unlocked so follow it as you progress and you should have a huge arsenal of abilities in no time.

Trials Of Mana Abilities Unlock Guide

Some abilities in this list are character specific. With the amount of character and party combinations available, it’s often very difficult to tell. If you speak with the person listed, it’s likely that you don’t have the appropriate character in your party, simply move on to the next one. This list is not exhaustive. We’ve played through twice with two different parties but I’m sure we missed some. Use it to compliment your own exploration to bolster your arsenal of abilities.

Ability Name Ability Use Ability Location Character Required
Priest of Light Chain Ability HP Boost Increase base HP by 30 Story (Speak with the Priest of Light) N/A
Light Elemental Magic Access Light Elemental Abilities Story (Rescue Lumina) N/A
Jadd Noble Chain Ability MP Boost Base MP increased by 10 Speak with Jadd in the prison cell in Jadd Stronghold N/A
Watts Chain Ability Blacksmith Increases Gear Stats by 5% in battle Dwarf Tunnels, pay Watts the 5,000 in the story (you only get one chance to pay) N/A
Earth Elemental Magic Access Earth Magic Story (Rescue Gnome) N/A
Hero King Chain Ability Adds 5% of CS gauge after winning a battle Speak with the Hero King in Valsena N/A
Stella Chain Ability Healing items effectiveness increased by 10% Speak with the lady in Durans house, North of the Inn in Valsena Duran cannot be in your party
Bruiser Chain Ability Attack increases when using a class strike Speak with Bruiser (Bronze Armor Knight) in Valsena N/A
Fortune-Teller Chain Ability Status Effect time shortened by 50% Speak with the Fortune-Teller in Valsena (after you rescue the king) N/A
Von Boyage Chain Ability Power attack damage increased by 5% Speak with Von Boyage when on your way to Beiser N/A
Aurora Sisters Chain Ability Increases magic attack by 5% in battle Watch the dancers in the Night Market of Beiser N/A
Trader Chain Ability 20% chance of canceling stat decreases Speak with the trader by the cage in the Night Market in Beiser Riesz
Wind Elemental Magic Access Wind Magic Rescue the Wind Elemental in the story N/A
Dark Elemental Magic Access Dark Magic Rescue Shade in the story N/A
Tomatoman Chain Ability 30% of MP needed for Magic is swapped for HP In the Tomatoman Village on the volcano island. Speak with the Tomatoman near the healing totem in the town N/A
Vuscav Chain Ability Base HP increased by 60 Meet with the King of the Seas in story N/A
Fire Elemental Magic Access Fire Magic Release Salamand in the story (there is a branch before this, you may visit the ice area first) N/A
Water Elemental Magic Access Water Magic After you free Udine in the story N/A
Ludgar Chain Ability Damage to bosses increased by 10% After you defeat Ludgar near Chartmoon Tower N/A
Moon Elemental Magic Access Moon Magic After you free Luna in the story N/A
Elfin Elder Chain Ability Harder for enemies to reappear Speak with Elfin Elder in the story Charlotte
Wood Elemental Magic Access Wood Magic After you free Dryad in the story N/A
Flammie Chain Ability Base MP increased by 20 After you encounter Flammie in the story N/A
Goremand Chain Ability Random status increase when defeating an enemy Defeat Goremand in the story N/A
Heath’s Chained Ability Increase defense by 60% when casting Encounter Heath in the story N/A
Mana Goddess Chain Ability Recover 2% of MP for all allies every 10 seconds in battle Complete the game N/A
Cactus Chain Ability All allies get 200% boost to CS at start of battle Find all 50 Cactus Locations N/A

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Trials Of Mana Abilities Unlock Guide

You can learn many Chain Abilities and Abilities in the Trials of Mana remake. This Trials Of Mana Abilities Unlock Guide tells you how to unlock all of the new abilities we discovered on our journey

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