Total War Warhammer II Grom's Cauldron Recipe Guide
Grom’s new cooking mechanic features an exciting mixture of recipes with great buffs. This Total War Warhammer II Grom’s Cauldron Recipe Guide breaks down the recipe process with information on how the ingredients work, how each recipe is made, and how you unlock more recipes.

Recipes can be accessed by selecting the crossed utensils icon in the upper right corner of Grom’s Cauldron screen. Every recipe, for the basic 10, requires two different ingredients. The ingredients themselves do not matter as much as the category in which they belong.

For example, the Fishy ‘Shroom Burgers take an ingredient from Fishy Chunks (Blue) and Sporez n’ Shroomz (Red). The exact ingredients will alter the additional effects of the recipe but the base recipe remains the same. For the sake of ease of reading, we will be using the colors to describe the ingredients but this is the list and colors with actual names.

  • Beast Bitz (Orange)
  • Mucky Stuff (Yellow)
  • Fishy Chunks (Blue)
  • Sporez n’ Shroomz (Red)
  • Flyin’ Gubbinz (Green)

Total War Warhammer II Grom’s Cauldron Recipe Guide

All of the recipes below only effect Grom. The recipes themselves all provides bonuses to Grom. It’s the actual ingredients that provide faction and army-wide buffs so pay close attention to the ingredients you are using. Check out our Ingredients guide for more.

Recipe Name Ingredient #1 Ingredient #2 Recipe Effect
Wyvern Stew Red Green Grants Grom Unbreakable & Frenzy
Bony Meat Skewers Blue Green Spiky Skin and 30% missile resistance for Grom
Nuggets ‘n’ Slime Yellow Green +20% LoS for the Campaign map, 10% movement range.

Immunity to attrition

Fishy ‘Shroom Burgers Blue Red Perfect Vigor and Fishing Breath ability
The Magnum Pizza Yellow Orange +15% Physical Resistance and +15 Melee defense for
Shroom ‘n Offal Sausage Red Orange +25 Charge & Bangers and Smash ability
Cheesy ‘Shrooms Yellow Red Slime Smoothie and Stalk abilities
Gobbo Seafood Quiche Yellow Blue Googly Glare & Terrorize ability
Misty Mountain Broth Red Green +100 Weapon Damage & Sundering attacks
Grom’s Surf n Turf Blue Orange +10% replenishment for Goblin Units and +10% Cas replenishment

New recipes can be unlocked by speaking with the Food Merchant, completing quests, and combining the ingredients. There are five more hidden recipes that we’ve yet to discover, we’ll update the guide soon.

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