Torchlight 2, the popular action RPG from Runic Games is coming to consoles this summer. It’s true that the studio that created the game originally has closed, but both installments in the Torchlight series have a lot of fans that want to continue playing these classic titles that have provided them with endless hours of entertainment on their PC. Panic Button is going to be the studio in charge of making the port of the game to consoles, and according to publisher Perfect World Entertainment Torchlight 2 will be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch on September 3rd.

Torchlight 2 is an action title that shares a lot of similarities with renowned games of the genre like Diablo, but the designers have managed to add a lot of features that improve the gameplay in many ways, and you end with a game that has its own personality and flavor. The game will allow you to select one of several heroes that you will level up as you adventure into dungeons. As you level up, you gain skill points that you can use to get skills that you will choose from different skill trees. The combination of those skills and the weapon your character is using weapon will define your playstyle in the game.

The final goal of your adventure is, of course, putting an end to an evil being that is threatening the world, but as you advance through the game, you will discover several characters and side stories. Randomized loot, detailed visuals, an epic storyline, and endless customization options for your equipment contribute to give shape to an adventure that has delighted quite a lot of players. When Torchlight 2 launches on consoles, it will also feature better controls, an adapted interface, new pets, achievements, and trophies. Torchlight 2 will also include a cooperative mode for up to 4 players on Nintendo Switch.

Torchlight 2 – Embermage

If you want to relive your adventures in Torchlight 2 playing on your console you want to play the game with your friends just have to wait for a couple more months until it’s available.

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