The multiplayer platformer SpeedRunners was one of the early hits that put TinyBuild on the map before they became the powerhouse publisher that we know and love today. Developed by DoubleDutch Games and based off of their earlier Flash game, SpeedRunners is a competitive multiplayer grappling hook platformer for up to 4 players that launched on Steam Early Access way back in 2013 and spent more than two years there as the experience was polished to a sheen. It officially launched on desktop in the spring of 2016 and on consoles during the summer of 2017 and became a smashing success. TinyBuild has helped put out dozens of games on basically all platforms since then, but now they’re circling back around to SpeedRunners to put out a special free version of the game built for mobile titled SpeedRunners: Online PVP. While there’s no official trailer for the mobile version just yet, this is the launch trailer of the desktop version so you can get an idea of what SpeedRunners is like.

It’s interesting because ever since SpeedRunners made multiplayer platforming “a thing” there have been quite a few similar games on mobile over the years, and actually the experience translates really well to the mobile platform. Currently SpeedRunners: Online PVP is soft-launched in Australia, so if you’re in that region or simply have an iTunes account in that store then you can grab the game with the link in our forums. If you’d rather test drive the game using Testflight, you can also find a link to sign up for the beta build in that very same forum thread. I’m guessing that this call for beta testers means the game won’t be too far off, so even if you don’t get in on this early testing then keep an eye out for SpeedRunners: Online PVP on mobile sometime in the near future.

from TouchArcade