The Tiltagon series from developer Kiemura has quite a history on mobile. Originally unveiled in late 2014, Tiltagon aimed to be a twitchy arcade game in a similar vein to Super Hexagon but utilizing the tilt controls of our mobile devices, which historically haven’t been quite precise enough for something as demanding as Super Hexagon. To their credit though, they pulled it off, and the original Tiltagon launched in the spring of 2015 with publishing help from Noodlecake Studios. While we felt it was a bit one note in our review there was no denying that the tilt controls in Tiltagon were rock solid, and it was proof that such a game could work with tilt. Fast forward a couple of years and with the Noodlecake publishing agreement now expired and the Tiltagon IP back in the hands of Kiemura, they released a remastered version of sorts called Tiltagon Turbo (Free). Here’s its launch trailer.

Tiltagon Turbo featured improved visuals, even more pre-designed levels than the original as well as a randomly generated endless mode, multiple difficulty settings, a ton of unlockable balls, and by popular demand and in spite of the fantastic tilt controls it also included a virtual stick option for those who just can’t hang with tilt. It was a great little package and an even improved experience over the original. That launched back in September of 2017 but hasn’t seen any update love since… until this past week, that is. Kiemura has updated Tiltagon Turbo with full support for all the latest iOS device screens and, in an extremely generous move, they’ve made the game permanently free with no strings attached. That means no ads and no microtransactions. The pay model in the launch version of Tiltagon Turbo was pretty darn friendly as is, and I imagine it didn’t make a whole ton of money because of that. So why not just make this sucker free for everyone to enjoy?

Whether you owned this one previously or have never given it a shot, there’s no reason not to download the newly updated and completely free Tiltagon Turbo right now. Oh, and if you’re an Android user Tiltagon Turbo has finally made its way to the Google Play Store and its completely free over there too.

from TouchArcade