World of Warcraft got a new patch yesterday that adds a new chapter to the story of the game as well as plenty of brand new content for the players to explore. As you probably know the conflict between Horde and Alliance has ignited again when Sylvanas decided to attack and burn the home of the Night Elves. Battle for Azeroth expansion has set in motion a series of events that forced both factions to seek the help of new allies in their struggle. After Kul Tirans and Zandalarian Trolls join the fight this new patch brings a new actress to the scene, Queen Azshara.

Patch 8.2 for World of Warcraft: Battle For Azeroth, Rise of Azshara allows players to explore the underwater territory of Nazjatar, home of the sorceress queen and the evil naga. Nobody knows where the story will lead us to, but we are sure that there will be many interesting surprises.

Regarding the content, as they explore Nazjatar players will discover a new type of armor that gets empowered while you are in the new territory, Benthic Armor. It is also possible to collects materials to improve this armor, and you probably will need it because this update also adds a new raid zone where heroes will eventually get to face Queen Azshara herself.

But Nazjatar is not the only new area coming in Rise of Azshara. Fans of tinkering, gnomes, and all mechanical things will be glad to know that the mysterious island of Mechagon has been discovered. This place seems to be inhabited by mechanical gnomes and hides a new dungeon with eight bosses, that can only be completed in Mythic difficulty, and holds amazing rewards for the players brave enough to discover its secrets.

Rise of Azshara – Mechagon _Island

Another important feature that Rise of Azshara adds to the game is a new system that allows players to customize the Heart of Azeroth through the use of “essences” that will grant different abilities to the players.

If you want to check all the changes that Rise of Azshara update brings to World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth you can check the official patch notes here.

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