You could think that zombie survival and RTS strategy are two genres that may have nothing to do, but They Are Billions proves that the mix of them can be amazing. The premise of the game is very simple: build your base and defend it from waves of zombie swarms.

They Are Billions, literally

As you explore the world around you, build your defenses, fend the first few waves of monsters and progress through the game you will realize very soon that the pace of the game is quite fast and that it’s quite difficult to survive. You will suffer dire consequences if even a single zombie infiltrates into your base and the problems will only grow bigger from there on.

The gameplay of They Are Billions is quite addictive tho, and fighting against all the odds to further develop your defenses will get you playing for hours. But all this is just about to become even more fun if possible because developer studio Numantrian Games has announced that the game is getting its first campaign very soon.

The campaign is titled The New Empire and it will place you as a colony administrator under the orders of Quintus, who plans to take the world back from the infected and conquer it building a series of colonies. Your mission will be to build those colonies, connect them with a railroad system, and recruit an army to fight against the infected as you expand through the territory. As you explore, you will recover technologies, meet new characters, and eventually find out information about the origin of the infection that has turned your world into a zombie nightmare.

The New Empire will be available for They Are Billions on June 18th through a free update and it will also add two new Survival maps to the game, The Deep Forest and Caustic Lands.

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