We announced it last week; They are Billions was launching a campaign that would be added to the main game. The New Empire was bringing a new story where you would be the one in charge to build a series of cities and to reclaim the territories that have been overrun by the infected. The campaign would allow you to discover new technologies, characters, and locations as you progress through it, adding a new layer of difficulty and management mechanics to the game. Everyone that played They are Billions before the campaign was out knows that it was not an easy game, but it seems that the new scenarios were too difficult for most of the players, to a point where players started complaining and downvoting the game on Steam.

This situation has been taken into account by developer Numanitan Games quite fast, and they have promptly reacted to address the issue.

“We have to say that we are saddened to see that many players with hundreds of hours of play in Survival mode have written very negative reviews for the launch of the Campaign.

The launch week is becoming really intense. We never thought that version 1.0 would generate so much interest, opinions, and feedback. That’s a sign that They Are Billions is becoming a very popular game and, as such, generates intense debate.”

In a recent Steam update, They are Billions developers have acknowledged as a mistake the fact of leaving Challenging Mode as the default difficulty level of the campaign and prompted that you can change the difficulty level of the game at any time.

This statement has been followed by a couple of changes that aim to make the game a bit more enjoyable for the players. The first one is that the game default difficult for the campaign is Accessible now. That means that players will have an easier time getting accustomed to the gameplay of a title that is not easy at all, even for RTS experts. It doesn´t matter if you are familiar with the mechanics of the genre; you will have a hard time when a huge wave of zombies relentlessly assaults your defenses, even if you think you were prepared enough beforehand.

They are Billions – Infected testing your defenses

The second change affects time limit objectives. Those usually involve reaching a certain level of population in a given time, and they were quite a bit frustrating for many players, so they have been “expanded generously” or even removed in some missions, contributing to delivering a better gameplay experience.

They are Billions is still a very challenging real-time strategy game, so you won´t have to worry about it being made too easy. You can always raise the difficulty level if you think it´s not hard enough for you, but be aware that if a single pesky infected manages to slip through your defenses, you can be in a world of trouble very fast.

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