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Back at this year’s PAX East, I got to play The Textorcist, Morbidware’s gothic fusion of bullet hell and typing game. You can read more in the linked article, but to summarize, you have to both type out various words and sentences to deal damage to opponents while simultaneously navigating around danmaku-style bullets to preserve HP. There’s a variety of obstacles to face during battles as well, such as the words to type being obscured, giving each battles a unique challenge. The Textorcist initially released back in February on Steam, and publishers Headup are bringing it to the Mac App store, making it available to apple users as of today.

There’s an early-adopter discount for those who buy the game within the first few days, making it cost only $11.99 before Friday. After Friday, it will return to its normal price of $14.99. The App Store version contains all content updates, so you won’t be missing anything when you buy it. The Textorcist opened to great reviews, and is currently sitting at a 79 on metacritic and a “very positive” steam rating, so if you’re interested in bullet hells and/or typing games, this one is definitely worth a look.

from sickcritic