Deck 13 managed to deliver a great title when they launched The Surge, their sci-fi action role-playing game. With its fluid gameplay, limb-targeting mechanics and a grim portrait of a future where workers need the aid of augmentations to maintain the same production levels as the machines, the game offered us an experience that could be more than likely to happen. The premise of the original game is rather unsettling, what if the machines go haywire and start attacking humans?

Now, the creators of Lords of the Fallen are back with a sequel, and The Surge 2 will take us back to that apocalyptic future on a new adventure. You will be again fighting against ferocious enemies as you explore the devastated city of Jericho, stealing equipment, and even tearing limbs off your opponents to empower yourself. The whole city will be your playground, offering you a bigger and more challenging world, full of colossal enemies and deadly threats to face. Character development has been taken to a new level too, with many more customization features and progression options for your characters.

Publisher Focus Home Interactive showed a bit of The Surge 2 gameplay during last year’s Gamescom, but the launch date has been unknown until very recently, when it has been announced that the game is set for a release on September 24.

Along with the launch date reveal a few of the bonuses that players will get if they pre-order The Surge 2 have been made public. The URBN Gear Pack comes with Warren’s Cutter, an exclusive URBN armor set, and the URBN Judgement Axe. Players will also get the URBN Skimmer Drone, equipped with its Lootscan.exe Radar Module and a unique online message icon.

The Surge 2 – Pre-order bonuses

If the idea of battling different robotic monstrosities to chop their limbs and improve your combat capabilities sounds attractive to you, The Surge 2 is your thing. It aims to deliver even more fun than its predecessor, improving the best features that the original game had.

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