Originally scheduled for release on March 21, The Sinking City has fallen behind. But this wait is about to end since Frogwares’ title will be released tomorrow on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. After tackling the world of Sherlock Holmes, the studio offers us this time to explore the world of Lovecraft. Although The Sinking City is not an actual adaptation of a work from the creator of Cthulhu, it draws largely its inspiration from the Lovecraftian universe.

On the occasion of the release of the game, Frogwares and BigBen Interactive have published the launch trailer. Quite enigmatic, this trailer, yet it perfectly reflects what awaits for us in the game. With visions of horror, supernatural creatures, mysticism, and madness The Sinking City promises not to leave us indifferent.

The Sinking City presents itself as an open-world adventure game set in the 1920s, with a dark and eerie story. You play as Charles Reeds, a survivor of the First World War, who has become a private detective. He is set to investigate a mysterious flood in the fictional city of Oakmont in Massachusetts on a mysterious flood. The city has been suddenly ravaged by the waves, and the causes seem far from natural, especially since the inhabitants of the city are suffering from nightmarish hallucinations and sinking slowly into madness. Charles Reeds also suffers the strange effects that plague Oakmont, while his past haunts him.

The Sinking City – Welcome to Oakmont!

In terms of gameplay, The Sinking City is an investigation game. Armed with your notebook and city map, you will have to explore the city for clues. You will have to make good cross-checks, for example by examining crime scenes, to advance in the story. You can also consult the archives of various buildings in the city, such as the town hall, the hospital, or the police station. So the real work of an investigator is waiting for you. And for those who would like a little more challenge, the game offers several levels of difficulty.

The Sinking City will be released on June 27 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The launch date on Nintendo Switch is still unknown. To get it at the best price, visit our comparator.

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