The new role-playing adventure from Obsidian will have us visiting different worlds in the Halcyon system and now we can take a brief look at some of them in the new The Outer Worlds video. Terra 2 and Monarch come to life through the footage of this video that looks like a tourism agency announcement that tries to sell us the boons and joys of visiting those planets. As one would expect, the reality might have nothing to do with what’s advertised.

Waking up in a colonist ship that has was lost in transit while traveling to the outskirts of the galaxy would not be a real problem if what you find when you get there is what you expected. Unfortunately, Halcyon colony is not exactly like you were told and the corporations that own the system are engaged in a war to control the territory and exploit whatever resources they can to make a profit at all cost.

You decide that you will be part of the solution and not the problem in The Outer Worlds, and you find yourself as the unplanned variable in a system where everything was planned, even if the results of those plans are not exactly the expected ones. It turns out that the employment communities of Terra 2 are not as welcoming and comfortable as you would have expected. Also, the fauna in Monarch tends to have some dietary habits where you can end being the first course in their meals.

The Outer Worlds – The cozy town of Fallbrook

In The Outer Worlds, the creators of Fallout: New Vegas have managed to create a unique and dystopic universe for you to explore. After all, the fact of being dropped in the middle of a conspiracy that threatens to destroy the Halcyon colony is just a minor issue and you will be able to solve it, won´t you?

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