It’ is not uncommon to see teams of video game developers working really hard to meet deadlines and schedules for the release of their games. Quite often, the pressure is very high, and even overworking is not enough, and we are quite sure that there are many games that are launched before they are properly finished and tested. When this happens with a game that has been eagerly awaited by the players for years, you are risking a lot. That’s probably what has led Naughty Dog and Sony Interactive Entertainment to delay the launch of The Last of Us Part II.

According to The Last of Us Part II director Neil Druckmann, the reason behind this delay is very simple:

“We realized we simply didn’t have enough time to bring the entire game up to a level of polish we would call Naughty Dog quality. At this point we were faced with two options: compromise parts of the game or get more time. We went with the latter, and this new release date allows us to finish everything to our level of satisfaction while also reducing stress on the team.”

Let’s face it; having to hear an apology from the developers because the game that you want to play will be published at a later date is disappointing, but spending your hard-earned money into a game that turns out to be full of bugs, incomplete or not up to the level you expected is much worse. Sure, they can try to fix it later through updates and such, but you will never forget about the first impression.

In a situation like this, I would rather wait a bit longer and see a game as good as the first The Last of Us or even better than getting a half-baked game. The market indeed dictates the rules, and there are deadlines to meet, advertising to be made, and limited money to pay for development. Still, I can’t think of any situation where hurrying the development and the launch of a certain game has not ended with either bad results or a lot of work to be made later.

Ellie in The Last of Us Part II

That said, The Last of Us Part II will be released on May 29, 2020, if nothing else happens. If you are one of those that loved the first installment in the series you probably won’t mind waiting for a bit longer in order to play a good game.

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