We learned just a few days ago the release date of The Last of Us Part II, on the occasion of the last State of Play. In our previous article, we hypothesized about the future reveal of information about the game. And that’s what has happened today with Naughty Dog’s revelation of vital info for players waiting for The Last of Us Part II.

Naughty Dog today released this official statement through Anthony Newman, co-director of The Last of Us Part II at a game event that’s taking place this week in Los Angeles. He revealed to Polygon that the game would be single-player only, because the campaign is so ambitious that it is not possible to integrate a multiplayer mode.

The Last of Us Part II

For those who have not played the first The Last of Us, the Factions mode offered an extraordinary multiplayer experience. It allowed us to choose between two factions, Hunters or Fireflies, and then try to survive through 12 weeks by growing our clan. Each day was represented by a match in which it was possible to recover various resources. Factions also offered an amazing feature that would let you link a Facebook account to earn bonuses, but also to customize the NPCs of your clan with the names of your friends on the social network.

Although some players will undoubtedly be disappointed when not finding Factions in The Last of Us Part II, this statement of Naughty Dog which contradicts with what they had announced at the beginning, promises, in any case, to give us a first-class single-player campaign. In addition, it suggests that the work done on improving Factions could lead to another game around the license, such as a spin-off, or even a fully multiplayer standalone. In the meantime, you can discover in the video above the main differences between the first and second entries of The Last of Us series.

We will have to wait a bit more to learn more about the game, since The Last of Us Part II will be released anyway on February 21, 2020, on PS4

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