Epic Games has been a recurring element in the news this week. Even for those who do not play it, it was difficult to avoid hearing about the event created by the famous black hole in Fortnite.

But Epic Games is not only known for its Battle Royale, but also for the free games they have been offering each week for quite some time now.

This week, horror is in the spotlight with Alan Wake’s American Nightmare and Observer.

Alan Wake’s American Nightmare was released in 2012 and it is a spin-off of the original Alan Wake game. If you played the original game of 2010, you may remember a series on the TV screens in the game. Well, in Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, you will be immersed in the heart of this series. Alan, as a writer, not only wrote the book that comes alive in the first installment, he is also a screenwriter of a series called Zone X, and he finds himself propelled into one of his episodes. The game resumes the same mechanics of the first installment, but this time Alan will be taken to Arizona, where he will face the terrible Mr. Squeak in addition to hordes of enemies. Alan Wake’s American Nightmare offers a campaign mode, but also an arcade mode, “Fight until dawn” in which you have to face waves of enemies, and try to survive until daybreak.

Observer is a third-person psychological horror cyberpunk game taking place in Poland in 2084. A war ensued after a digital plague called Nanophage, and the survivors fell into drugs or have used neural implants to escape the harsh reality that they live in. You play as Daniel Lazarski, a detective in the Special Observers Unit. Observers are able to carry out their investigations by hacking people’s minds, which allows them to obtain information from criminals and their victims. But things will change when Daniel receives a call from his son, from whom he has been away for years. You will discover that probing the minds of criminals or troubled people will not be without impact on your own mental health.

To get Observer and Alan Wake: American Nightmare, simply go to the Epic Games Store and add them to your library. The offer will end on October 24, so do not lose this opportunity!

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