If you, like me, play The Elder Scrolls Online, then you already know that we are getting a new expansion for the game: Elsweyr. Those that have pre-ordered the expansion on PC and Mac have two weeks of early access that have started now. If you play on a console, then you have to wait until June 4, sorry.

One of the great things from The Elder Scrolls Online is that you do not need to play thru the old content to get to the new areas. You can start with a Level 1 character and jump right into the new storyline and explore the beautiful Khajiit homeland. The story in Elsweyr continues the Season of the Dragon adventure that started with the Wrathstone DLC and that will keep going with the rest of the year’s updates.

Elsweyr, the land of the Khajiit cat-people

The lands of Elsweyr are varied offering you quite different scenarios to adventure, from Anequina to the North with its desert-like badlands fairly similar to Hammerfell and the lands of the Redguards, from Pelletine to the South, with its dense jungles and woodlands comparable to Valenwood. Explore and quest, but beware of the Dragons. When the Halls of Colossus opened, the Dragons returned and this expansion includes Dragon bosses to kill that appear in the static locations, not very different than the Dark Anchors events. These world events are called Dragon Hunts, but Dragons are also found in the new Trial zone, Sunspire, and through the main story.

Sunspire is a brand new trial designed for 12 players where you will fight the three dragons that have occupied the Temple of the First Cat. Fight the Dragon’s disciples and destroy the Dragon that thinks himself an avatar of Alkosh. Unique boss fights and loot await for you if you manage to slay the golden Dragon Nahviitaas.

This expansion also brings a new playable class, the Necromancer. This is a class that has been one that the players have consistently requested and it’s finally here. This dreadful class uses forbidden arts that should not be used in public, as necromancy is not well perceived by the general population. The class has three unique Skill Lines, each with five new Active Abilities, four Passive Abilities, and one Ultimate. Grave lord focuses on damage, the Bone Tyrant on tanking and the Living Death on healing. You can find more about this class in our last article.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr is already available for pre-order on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. The official launch date for the expansion is June 4, 2019.

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