The long-awaited Title Update 3 is here after a month of delay.

Ubisoft kept its word and released The Division 2’s Title Update 3 today. The develope announced that the servers will shut down for scheduled maintenance at 3:30 AM EDT/12:30AM PDT/9:30 CEST. The shutdown lasted for three hours and after which the Title Update 3 rolled out. Players can now download the update which is approximately 6.5 GB.

This is by far the biggest post-launch update for the game so far and thus a major milestone for The Division 2 . The update’s main addition is the first ever 8-player raid, Operation Dark Hours. Even though it´s already in the game you still will have to wait until it becomes playable. Ubisoft said that this delay is meant to give players the time to ready themselves, gear up, and sort their builds. It’s also a good time to explore everything that came along in The Division 2’s Title Update 3.

What else is new in Division 2’s Title Update 3?

Today’s patch also increased the cap for Receiver Component and Protective Fabric crafting materials by 200, turned Inaya al-Khaliq into a Crafting Vendor and added a project icon in order to reflect the use of The Confidential Dear Set intel item.

There are also balance tweaks and bug fixes in the update. The Text Chat has been improved and various UI and audio improvements are made to the Living World activities. Players will also be glad to see a new Mission feature called Post Mission Activity Summary.

New skins, weapons, outfits, and more!

Along with Operation Dark Hours, there are also two new additions: the Classified Assignment: The Fall of DC includes exclusive missions for players that own the Year 1 Pass. Players will have the chance to discover and complete missions during the fall of DC.
The other one is the New Apparel Event: Dark Hours, with new skins, outfits, weapons, and masks.

You can play the game on PS4, PC, and Xbox One now. Check out our comparator for the best deals on The Division 2.

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