Starting today and finishing tomorrow Friday, February 22, Ubisoft will do some extra testing on Tom Clancy’s The Division 2, exclusive to selected PC users. This technical test phase probably will be used to see if the fixes they have done after the private beta from earlier this month work properly. It will also serve as preparation to offer a smoother experience to the players participating in the Open Beta that will be held on the beginning of March and that was announced a few days ago.

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 – Agents on the march

The test will feature content similar to the one players experienced during the private beta. Photo Mode, Endgame, and Conflict will not be available for players to try so they will be restricted to two main story and five side missions. Players will not be allowed to invite their friends to form a group either. The invitations to the event will be assigned randomly, and Ubisoft will contact the chosen ones via email. It is restricted to PC, so if you were waiting to try it on other platforms you are out of luck, and you will have to wait for the Open Beta.

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 – Open Beta Announcement

On the good side of the matter, the NDA has been lifted for this event, so if you are eager to watch more Tom Clancy´s The Division 2 gameplay, we are sure that there will be a lot of videos popping up through the weekend. If you want to find the best price for the game on any platform, you can visit our comparator anytime.

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