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From now (give or take some technical difficulties) until July 9th, the annual Steam Summer Sale will be active to expand your backlogs and thin out your wallets. Competition has been stiff this year with the Epic Store and GoG offering generous sales of their own, but merely in the first day Steam is keeping pace flaunting a 34% percent discount on Devil May Cry 5 (reducing its price to $39.59) and a 64% percent discount on Soul Calibur VI (reducing its price to $19.79). Other highlights include Portal 2 for a mere dollar and Yakuza 0 for $10! In the indiesphere A Hat in Time‘s had its price sliced in half down to $15, along with Frostpunk which has been reduced to a $15 price tag.

This is of course only the tip of the iceberg. In the event that you’ve missed out on Prey and/or entries in the Resident Evil and Max Payne franchises, they’re on sale now. There have also been major price cuts for entries in the Borderlands and Wolfenstein franchises, in advance of new entries out this year. The Grand Prix branding of this year’s sale should hopefully give way to some supplementary mini-games offered by the platform to enhance your XP and even win a game or two. Regardless, it’ll be wise to keep watch on the 14 day sale as plenty of surprises should be on deck, personal funds be damned.

from sickcritic