After starting at the beginning of the year with the Wrathstone game pack, and the release of the Elsweyr expansion last June, the Season of the Dragon is coming to an end.

The latest pack, Scalebreaker, brought two new dungeons, among other things: The Reliquary of the Funeral Moons, which made us face the vampires in Croc Hollow, and the Den of Maarselok, where we had to defeat the dragon Maarselok. The adventure continues today with Dragonhold, which concludes the Season of the Dragon in The Elder Scrolls Online. Released yesterday on PC, Dragonhold along with the Update 24 offers a host of new content, available for free to players with an ESO Plus subscription, or purchasable for 2000 crowns in the shop.

In Dragonhold you will explore a new region on Elsweyr, the kingdom of Pellitine. This region devastated decades ago is still struggling to recover and it is now threatened by the arrival of the dragons. The main story will lead you to meet Sai Sahan, whom you have already met if you played Dragonhold’s prologue. You will have to help him getting back on his feet and discovering the secrets of the Dragon Guard, an ancient order of dragon hunters. In addition to that, Dragonhold also offers new quests, bosses, and new rewards that include six armor sets, three crafted ones and three dropped in the area. If you finish all the main Dragonhold and Elsweyr quests, you will also unlock bonus quests.

Finally, if your purse allows you, you can purchase the Dragonhold Collector’s Bundle for 4000 crowns, which in addition to the contents of the pack, includes a legendary pet, five scrolls of experience, and the Legendary Dragon Horse mount.

TESO – Contents of Dragonhold Collector’s Bundle

Update 24 is the first wave of performance enhancements for The Elder Scrolls Online, and it includes better memory management, which should add stability to the game, changes to combat skills, and a new group search system to reduce queues.

The Dragonhold Pack and Update 24 of The Elder Scrolls Online are already available on PC and will be released on PS4 and Xbox One on November 5th.

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