We were talking about it a few days ago. The roadmap for The Elder Scrolls Online in 2020 was to be revealed live last night. Bethesda didn’t fail and we learned a lot of information about what’s coming.

The main event, of course, is the announcement of the Greymoor expansion, but other content will come first. This year will be under the theme of the Black Heart of Skyrim.

The adventure will begin with the Harrowstorm DLC game pack, which will feature two dungeons. The pack will be available through the Crown shop in February on PC, and in March on consoles. In it, you will have to go to the island of Icereach to investigate mysterious supernatural storms, and you will have to face the witches who inhabit it. You will also be sent to the Unhallowed Grave to prevent graverobbers from stealing antique items. As usual, you can get a wide variety of rewards for your efforts.

Then, on May 18 on PC and June 2 on consoles, you will face a new threat with the new chapter: Greymoor. In addition to the storms, you will face a mighty Vampire Lord who you can see in the trailer released yesterday. Here is all the content you will get with Greymoor:

 A new zone to explore: Western Skyrim

A gothic main story quest line that ties into the Dark Heart of Skyrim adventure

An intriguing new system: Antiquities

A massive new 12-player Trial: Kyne’s Aegis

New world events: Harrowstorms

New delves, public dungeons, and stand-alone quests

Updates and quality-of-life improvements including a rework of the Vampire Skill Line (free for all ESO players)

TESO Greymoor – Solitude

In addition to the first pack and the new Greymoor chapter, two other download packs are planned for the third and fourth quarters of 2020. The first of those will include new dungeons, while the second should add a whole new area to The Elder Scrolls Online.

More information about the latter two packs is expected to be released in the coming months. In the meantime, if you don’t already have The Elder Scrolls Online, don’t hesitate to visit our comparator.

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