We talked about it in a previous article, The Season of the Dragon in The Elder Scrolls Online is coming to an end. During 2019, the new additions to the game focused around the legendary creatures, with a lot of content that included the Elsweyr expansion and three different game packs. The last one of those, Dragonhold, was released last month. If you’ve already left behind the content of Dragonhold, which sent us after the steps of the Dragonguard, the Dragon Season has not yet said its last word and offers, once again, fresh content to the story of The Elder Scrolls Online.

From now until December 9, you can take part in the event called the Dawn of the Dragonguard. To participate, however, you will need to have access to at least some of the content that was included during the Season of the Dragon, namely the Elsweyr expansion, or the Dragonhold, Scalebreaker or Wrathstone packs, which you can purchase through the Crown Shop. You will also have to attain the quest Dawn of the Dragonguard. This event will allow you to participate in various activities, but also to win rewards.

Three activities will bring you additional loot, more precisely, it will be doubled during all the duration of the event:

Defeating a zone Dragon in either Southern or Northern Elsweyr

Defeating the final boss in Wrathstone dungeons, Scalebreaker dungeons, or any bosses within the Sunspire trial

Harvesting resource nodes in Northern and Southern Elsweyr

In addition to that, you can collect tickets by fighting dragons from the north and south of Elsweyr, or dragon bosses from the Wrathstone and Scalebreaker dungeons. You will then be able to spend your event tickets with the Impresario to collect new rewards, such as two Jade-Crown Dragonslayer cosmetic items.

TESO – Dawn of the Dragonguard Event Rewards

We do not know yet what The Elder Scrolls Online has in storage for the year 2020, but we hope that the next season will be at the level of what the game offered with the Season of the Dragon in 2019.

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