When the original The Surge was launched, many people wondered if the creators of Lords of the Fallen would manage to come up with something better than their previous action-RPG title. Their brand new sci-fi game turned out to be quite a satisfying experience for plenty of players. Its combat system that allowed you to target specific body parts to chop and salvage them to improve your character was a refreshing mechanic in the genre and one of the features of The Surge that caught the attention of a multitude of players that ended loving this adventure.

After its sequel was announced, we all have been expecting to know and see a bit more of The Surge 2, and now we have the opportunity with a trailer published by Focus Home Interactive that showcases almost nine minutes of footage commented by Adam Hetenyi, Head of Game Design at Deck13 Interactive.

As you can see in the video, The Surge 2 continues with the technological-apocalyptic theme of its predecessor, but this time we move from the industrial scenario of the first game to Jericho City, a metropolis devastated by a nanite-based disease. This new urban scenario where we will have to fight for our survival is perfect for developing different combat strategies as we fight with robotic, cybernetic, and human enemies. We will get to use once more the targeting system that we saw in the original The Surge, and through it, we will be able to sever limbs and parts from our enemies to get new blueprints and equipment to upgrade our character. We will also carry a flexible combat drone companion with ourselves. We can attach different weapons and equipment to the drone and trigger it so it can perform different functions while we are doing anything else, from hacking doors to attack in combat, among other things.

The Surge 2

It seems that The Surge 2 is going to bring some surprises while maintaining the best features of its predecessor. Gameplay looks fluid enough, and the new systems add a lot of flexibility when it comes to upgrading our character and combat methods. Now, all we have to do is waiting until September 24th for The Surge 2 launch to try it by ourselves.

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