The Sims: Maxis is recruiting for a new game

We have seen the release of a lot of new content for The Sims 4 in 2019, and 2020 seems to be following the same path. We had two expansion packs, Island Living, and Discover University, two game packs, Strangerville and Realm of Magic, and finally the Moschino item kit; while 2020 begins with the Tiny-Living stuff pack. All of this is not a coincidence, because The Sims 4 celebrated its fifth anniversary last year, and the license will celebrate in 2020 its twenty years of existence.

But it looks like Maxis is now looking to the future. If you are a fan of The Sims series, you probably know that the interval between the different games released so far is generally around 5 years. It’s only natural that fans have been wondering about a new title for some time now.

Until now, Maxis has not communicated anything around a possible The Sims 5. Some elements still cause us to wonder, and the timing is only the first one.

The most attentive of you already surely know that Grant Rodiek, aka @SimGuruGrant, has since April left the position of main producer for The Sims 4, a position he held for 8 years, but continues to work for Maxis. But Rodiek had been there much longer, since he has worked for Maxis since 2005. Having so much experience, many people think that he could work on The Sims 5 today. However, the game would not see the light of day immediately, since it was announced in June 2018 that the team was thinking about the content for The Sims 4 for the next three years, which therefore leads us until 2021 at minimum.

But that’s not all. An attentive Reddit user noticed that Electronic Arts had posted several job listings this month for a brand new game. One, in particular, has drawn our attention. The job in question offers a Software Engineer position in Redwood City, the headquarters of Maxis, for a “completely new” game. The profile sought should have an interest in simulation games, and sandbox games …

A second announcement was posted, this time for an art director position for Maxis Texas, and it also mentions a brand new game that would contain live service. It’s difficult to know if these two ads have the slightest connection, given the locations. The first in any case seems to be a first clue regarding The Sims 5.

The rumors must be taken with a pinch of salt, but since 2020 is the year of the anniversary of The Sims, it could be good timing to announce the sequel to The Sims 4.

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DOOM Eternal won’t have microtransactions

id Sofware’s upcoming shooter DOOM Eternal will move away from the current trend of including a shop where to buy things with real money. If you were wondering if the upcoming installment in the DOOM series is going to require that you spend extra money to enjoy the game or be competitive during multiplayer gameplay you can rest assured that it will not be the case.

Doom Eternal Creative Director Hugo Martin has revealed such information through a post on a Facebook group that is dedicated to the game. He reveals that DOOM Eternal will include no shop and that nothing that you can unlock with XP in the game will have an impact on your gameplay. So it will be impossible to take advantage of bought items to enhance your performance. That is great news for all those that enjoy the multiplayer aspect of the games in the DOOM series.

He also defined DOOM Eternal as a complete experience and added that even though there are items that you can unlock in the game using the XP you gain, those are purely cosmetic and you can skip them completely because they have zero impact in your progress through the game.

Martin has also discussed the difficulty of DOOM Eternal in an interview. He explained that they have worked a lot to ensure that the game provides an appropriate difficulty curve.

“Just finding the pacing and nailing that, figuring that out early enough in development to be able to polish it was critical to making the game feel like it was exciting, exhilarating, but not frustrating. It’s okay to be frustrated so long as I know what I did wrong and don’t feel like the game is screwing me. That’s very important.”

DOOM Eternal aims to be one of the big hits of 2020 and restore the DOOM franchise to its rightful spot as one of the most important in the FPS genre. Its release is scheduled for March 20, 2020, on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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Soulcalibur VI will receive a Samurai Shodown crossover DLC

EVO 2020 has taken place last weekend in Japan and among the announcements made in the event we have seen some information about the upcoming content for Soulcalibur VI. The latest entry in the Soulcalibur series will receive a new DLC this Spring, and it seems that SNK and Bandai Namco have made an agreement so we can see Haohmaru fighting in Soulcalibur VI.

If you are into weapon fighting games you probably know already that Soulcalibur and Samurai Shodown are two of the most iconic series in the genre. They feature different gameplay styles, with one of the major differences between them being that Soulcalibur is in 3D and Samurai Shodown is in 2D. The reboot of the classic Samurai Shodown, also known as Samurai Spirits, was launched last summer and since then it has delighted the fans of the genre. The samurai Haohmaru is one of the most recognizable characters in SNK’s fighting franchise and also a player’s favorite.

The crossover was announced with the vídeo above, in which you can see Haohmaru fighting against Mitsurugi, one of the multiple fighters available in Soulcalibur 6.

Although the specific release date for the DLC has not been revealed, it is expected to be available in Spring 2020. Haohmaru is the second character included in the Season Pass 2 of Soulcalibur VI. The first character included in the pass is Hildegard von Krone and she has been available for a while already. Soulcalibur 6 Season Pass 2 includes another two characters that will be released in the future.

If you like weapon fighting games and more specifically the Soulcalibur series you can find Soulcalibur VI at the best price in our comparator, and if you want even more characters, the Soulcalibur VI Season Pass 1 is available too, including Tira, Amy, Cassandra, and NieR Automata‘s B2 as playable characters. Those packages also include character creation sets to customize the look of your fighters.

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Bloober Team teases what seems to be the sequel to Observer

We owe some excellent games to Bloober Team. The Polish studio that has created Observer, Layers of Fear, and more recently Blair Witch, has published a rather intriguing message on its Twitter account.

This short video that accompanies the message seems visibly enigmatic, although it could be not so cryptic for you if you’ve already played Observer. Indeed, if you know the game, you will surely have recognized several elements here. For those who have never played it, we have a little summary of the essentials.

The story of Observer takes place in 2084 Poland, after the outburst of a digital plague called Nanophage, which followed a war. The population, which suffered because of misery and drugs, has taken refuge in virtual reality thanks to neural implants. In the game, you play as Daniel Lazarski, a neural detective, or Observer, employed by a mega-corporation, who can penetrate the minds of suspects.

Observer – Opening scene

The video included in the tweet several references to Observer. The most obvious is the logo, which is actually the one of Chiron, the corporation that hires Daniel. Also, the incoming call is not trivial either, since the very first scene of Observer shows Daniel in his car, receiving a call, and we can see on the screen of this one the same design as on the video.

We can also recognize in a rather obvious way “Chiron Incorporated” in the message “sig: ch120n 1nc02p02473d_”, but it seems that the video hides other secrets too. A player noticed that we can see binary language. The sequence at the top of the image, once translated, gives the following message, “Daniel, are you there?”, which also recalls the scene previously quoted. We can see another series on the right side, which perhaps hides some other clues.

Finally, if it was not clear enough that this is Observer, the #cyberpunk and #horrorgame, leave no room for doubt. It remains to be seen what Bloober Team is really teasing, but everything indicates that it could be a sequel to Observer.

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Disco Elysium receives a new gameplay mode

Disco Elysium was one of the biggest surprises of 2019. Nobody expected that a relatively unknown developer would launch such a great RPG, and since it was launched in October the game has managed to get a lot of fans that love being a detective in the crowded streets of Revachol. Taking inspiration in classic Infinity Engine role-playing games like Baldur’s Gate or Ice Wind Dale, Disco Elysium takes the action to a more modern and sordid universe where the player is granted with almost total freedom of action as he investigates a murder case in Martinaise, a district of the city where poverty, corruption, and crime are the main principles of life.

Life in Revachol is not easy at all for a detective that has problems with alcohol and drugs, but after the latest update of the game, you will find that it can be even more difficult. Developer ZA/UM has added the Hardcore True Detective mode to Disco Elysium, to make things even more complicated for the players.

It raises the difficulty of the game in several ways, and if you are up for a challenge you should give it a try. Among the few things that this mode changes you will find that the difficulty checks for all the skills will be harder and your chances to become a Total Disaster Cop are higher. On the economic side, you will have access to less money and your favorite drugs will also be more expensive and less effective, although the more extreme situation you will be in will drive you to consume these more often, leading to an even more stressful situation. But not everything will be bad in this new game, and you will gain experience at an increased rate too, which will make you get more skills and faster.

At the same time, the last Disco Elysium update allows the game to support ultra panoramic screens for an enhanced game experience.

If you haven’t played Disco Elysium yet, you can get it at the best price in our comparator.

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Warhammer: Vermintide 2, Season 2 starts and includes new free content

As a first-person action role-playing game, Warhammer: Vermintide 2 is quite different from most of the videogames based on the tabletop miniature game from Games Workshop, which tend to be categorized in the strategy genre. With frenetic action, plenty of monsters to kill and several heroes to choose from, each of them with its own gameplay style, skills, and weapons, Warhammer: Vermintide 2 offers a more direct approach to the conflict between order and chaos in the Old World.

The game has been available for a while already, and it received an update yesterday that marks the start of its second season, which comes with new content and several new features.

The update adds the first chapter of The Curse of Drachenfels – Old Haunt, a new mission that will have Warhammer: Vermintide 2 players visit the old fortress to investigate the disappearance of several villagers. As you navigate through the narrow corridors of the old fortress in the Grey Mountains, you will have to face a familiar yet dangerous threat, a plague of Skaven. You will have to discover the reason that drives those evil creatures to that location and try to stop them before they become a bigger problem.

Season 2 also brings a new currency to Warhammer: Vermintide 2. You will earn Shillings by completing daily and weekly quests, and you can spend them buying cosmetic items in the new shop that Lohner has put up in the keep. Developer Fatshark has also added premium cosmetic items that you can buy with real money as a way of getting some extra income to fund future free content.

Vermintide 2 – Castle Drachenfels

The update also brings some changes to Quick-Play Waves, separating the queues in five different difficulties and adding the possibility of playing with bots in this mode. The essence rewards that you get from completing them have been increased too.

All those features have already been implemented and all the players that own Warhammer: Vermintide 2 on PC have access to them for free.

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Half-Life: Alyx, Valve reveals a lot of information about the game

We told you about this yesterday in another article, Valve has announced that all Half-Life games will be free until Half-Life: Alyx is released in March. In the aftermath, a handful of members of the game team organized a question and answer session on Reddit last night.

A host of questions have been asked about Half-Life: Alyx by the community, and of course, not all of them have been answered, especially those that would spoil the story. However, a lot of interesting information has been made public by the team.

One of the most relevant things is the current state of development of the game. There is good news about that since the team said that Half-Life: Alyx was more or less finished.

With the exception of some tweaks to the absolute final scene, the game is done. Lots of us at Valve, as well as playtesters, have played through the entire game multiple times.

Therefore, Half-Life: Alyx should logically go gold soon, and we should be getting a precise release date for the game very soon too.

But that’s not all that has been revealed in this exchange between the game team and the community.

On the enemy side, the Barnacles will be present in the game, and VR will allow players to face them in new ways. Combine Soldiers will have several variants to spice up the gameplay.

In terms of functionality, the team states that the noise created by the players in the game will not be a central component of the gameplay but that there will be “a notable exception”. The game will also offer a variety of possibilities in terms of movement, and Valve is working to make it more accessible, especially for people with disabilities.

Regarding weapons, they will all be usable with one hand. Valve states that it has made this choice so that players can use their second hand to perform other simultaneous actions.

Finally, in terms of atmosphere, although Half-Life: Alyx is in VR, it will be visibly bearable in terms of horrific images. According to Tristan Reidford, (3D model maker at Valve): “Some of our gorier visuals tend to evoke a grim fascination rather than revulsion or panic.”

Half-Life: Alyx – Gravity gloves

Of course, many other subjects were mentioned, such as the publication of development tools for creating mods. We have discussed here only the most relevant points. You can check out the entire conversation between the game team and the community on Reddit.

Do not hesitate to visit our comparator to get Half-Life: Alyx at the best price.

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Team Ninja has published Nioh 2 story trailer

Team Ninja is an experienced Japanese studio that has developed plenty of games since it was created. As a division of Koei Tecmo, the studio has focused mainly on developing the fighting games of the Dead or Alive franchise, but we can count some action-RPG titles among their creations, like Ninja Gaiden series or Nioh.

One of the upcoming games that they are launching is Nioh 2, and the studio has published a new trailer that allows up to delve a little more in the story of this second installment of the series.

We already know that Nioh 2 will be different from its predecessor and that its story will take place before the events in Nioh. In the new game, you will be able to create and customize your character instead of playing as William Adams. The game follows the story of historical warlord Toyotomi Hideyoshi, but in Nioh 2 he will be represented by two different characters. One is the character you will play as a lonely half-breed demon hunter born from the union of a human and a yokai. Hiding his origins, he hunts yokai in the province of Mino. After unexpectedly losing control of your demonic side, you receive the help of a peddler called Toukichiro. He gives you a powerful spirit stone that allows you to communicate with yokai spirits and regain control of your demonic blood. From there on you are set on finding more of those artifacts and you embark yourself in a quest that will have you fighting against powerful demonic forces.

As you can see in the video, Nioh 2 features amazing graphics that represent the feudal Japan of 1955, and it will also let you take part in epic fights against yokai and other enemies too. The combat is similar to Nioh’s, but Nioh 2 also includes new gameplay options, and you will be able to bring out your yokai form and use special skills in combat. As you progress through the game you will gain experience and unlock multiple skills.

You will also be able to summon spirits to aid you through the use of Benevolent Graves. Those spirits will take the form of other players, with their equipment and skills. The game also features cooperative gameplay for up to three players.

The release of Nioh 2 is scheduled for March 13, 2020, exclusively in PlayStation 4, but it’s quite likely that we will see a PC version later, as it happened with Nioh.

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Hellblade 2 developer announces a new project

Ninja Theory should have its hands full right now with the development of Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 and Bleeding Edge, which are to be released in 2020. But it seems that Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice has given them enough momentum to take on multiple projects without compromising the release of these.

They have just announced that they are already working on the development of another video game, which is called Project Mara. They have revealed it in a new video where Tameem Antoniades, co-founder of Ninja Theory, reviews the state of the projects they are developing right now, which you can watch below.

According to the British studio, Project Mara is an experimental game that will recreate the horror of the mind as accurately and realistically as possible based on first-hand accounts and in-depth research.

Ninja Theory already had a very successful approach to the experiences of the human mind in Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice. The interaction of the protagonist of the game with her own psychosis, inner demons, and hallucinations, gives the story a depth and realism that couldn’t have been reached without that. If you removed Senua from the game, we would be probably talking about just another action game, since she is the backbone that gives shape to the story and makes it so interesting.

It is, therefore, logical, that Ninja Theory wants to delve deeper into human experiences. Even though they are moving away from the mythology in Project Mara they still want the experience in the game to be truly immersive and they aim to create a new type of narrative.

Despite a rather unusual and mature approach to storytelling in some of their games, which could be deemed as too deep for some people, Ninja Theory games are gaining more and more adepts every day. If you have not tried any of their games yet, Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice is definitely a good starting point. It will leave you wanting for more, and you will get what you need when Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 is released later this year.

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Dead by Daylight is full of new content

Released in 2016 on PC and later on consoles, Dead by Daylight was a hit among the players, having sold three million copies the year of its release.

Dead by Daylight is an asymmetrical multiplayer horror game. On a map, four survivors have to escape from a bloodthirsty killer, who tries to eliminate all of them to win. The game features a variety of different killers with unique abilities, including some characters from famous horror movies, such as A Nightmare on Elm Street, Scream or Halloween. The same goes for survivors, and you can also develop your characters.

Dead by Daylight regularly gets new content in the form of chapters, which act as DLC, including new killers, survivors, and items. Another way for developers to add content to the game is through Archives. And Dead by Daylight has just received Tome II: Reckoning, which like Tome I: Awakening adds new challenges to the game, allowing players to earn a certain number of rewards. You will also discover the history of some of the characters through new elements: the memories.

In addition to this, Dead by Daylight also offers a new event called The Scarlet Swarm to celebrate the Year of the Rat and the Lunar New Year. Available in-game since yesterday, it will be up until February 4. For the occasion, a special lobby has been added, as well as hooks and generators in the colors of the event. Fireworks are also part of it. You can unlock new rat-themed items, such as charms, by simply logging into the game during the event. The in-game shop also has two new outfits for Jeff and Susie, and if you missed the ones that were available last year, you can get them with a 30% discount.

To find out all the content related to the event, you can consult the official game website at this address. And if you don’t already have Dead by Daylight, you will find it at the best price on our comparator.

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