It’s been more than 15 years since we followed in the footsteps of the intrepid lawyer Kate Walker in the Syberia series. Created in 2002 by Benoît Sokal and edited by Mircroïds, Syberia is a point-and-click adventure game that puts us in the shoes of Kate Walker, an American lawyer whose mission is to buy out automatons located in a small village in the French Alps, and owned by the Voralberg family. But this is just the beginning of a long adventure since as Kate gets immersed in the history of the Voralberg discovers many mysteries during the three episodes of the series.

While Syberia III, the latest installment, was released on April 20, 2017, it seems that the adventure is not over for our lawyer. Microïds and Benoït Sokal have just announced Syberia: The world Before. Although no release date or even the platforms on which the game will be available at its release have been revealed, the team still gives us some information about the game on Microïds’ site.

Syberia: The World Before would be a direct result of Syberia III, and for the player, it would be “a return to the roots.” The enigmatic and somewhat dreamlike atmosphere of the game will also be present, and this new opus should allow us to travel on several continents to explore the tragedies of the twentieth century. We also learn that Syberia: The World Before has been in development for 18 months now, and we should have more information about the game very soon. Syberia: The World Before is not part of the games announced by Microïds for Gamescom 2019, but after this announcement, it is not impossible that the studio has some surprises ready for us. A first artwork, below, signed Benoît Sokal was also revealed, and here is also what he said about Syberia: The World Before:

We want to offer fans a scenario with an atmosphere as mysterious as in previous titles, with its lot of automatons to run, puzzles to solve and atypical characters to meet. I can not wait to share the universe and the progress of the title with you.

While waiting to have more information on Syberia: The World Before, you can always dive back into the previous installments of the series Syberia, available at the best prices on our comparator.

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