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October has hit the ground running with this morning’s announcement that the latest downloadable characters for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate are… Steve and Alex from Minecraft! Nintendo have repeatedly smashed expectations with regards to Smash Ultimate DLC fighters, and today’s announcement continues their friendly relationship with Microsoft. A typically lively promotional video showed Mario’s misadventures in the pixelated Minecraft world, followed by Masahiro Sakurai joking about how difficult it was to implement these characters in Smash! It is indeed a remarkable feat seeing the pixel art inherent to Minecraft coexisting with Smash mechanics.

The attention paid to preserving Minecraft‘s appeal and reconciling it with the Smash Ultimate model expands beyond character design. There will also a full-on Minecraft themed stage, paying direct tribute to the game’s distinct visual palette. Crafting-based fighting techniques also mark uncharted territory for Smash Ultimate, and yet again show the effort invested in Smash Ultimate‘s longevity. As with past DLC packs, the imminent Minecraft challenger pack can be purchased for $5.99 giving you the characters, a new stage, and seven Minecraft music tracks. Fans can also gain access to all Smash Ultimate DLC characters future and past by purchasing the Fighter’s Pass for $30.

Masahiro Sakurai himself will be showing off Steve and Alex in Smash Ultimate on 10/3 at 10:30 AM ET, unfolding right before Minecraft Live. This event is also when the DLC’s release date will be announced. No matter how much of a labor it was to implement these characters into Smash, the fact that fans immediately lost their minds after the announcement shows that it was effort well spent. With today’s announcement, two worldwide phenomenons have united and who knows the limits of their power. The announcement might have even broken Twitter this morning.



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