The competition between Valve and Epic Games to make their digital games distribution platforms the most important is reaching its peak this Christmas. Both of them have launched their winter sales promotions pretty much at the same time, it even looks that they have been waiting for each other to announce the date to start. The good thing is that you can take advantage of the huge number of deals that will be available during the following days. Both shops have plenty of interesting deals but let’s see what else do they offer for Christmas.

On one side, Steam’s Winter Sale 2019 allows you to win Festivity Tokens, which you can spend later in a special Holiday Market to purchase holiday-themed stickers, emoticons, chat room effects and backgrounds, and more. The most interesting thing in the Holiday Market is a coupon that will let you save 4,50 € off your next purchase and that is only valid until the Winter Sale 2019 ends on January 2, 2020. To earn Festivity Tokens you can buy games and complete quests by performing different actions and interacting with the platform, but the amount received from quests doesn’t seem to allow you to unlock the discount coupon easily.

On the other side, Epic Games Store increases the number of games that players can get for free during its Holiday Sale 2019, letting you claim a different one every day for the next twelve days. Right now you can get Into the Breach for free. It’s a little jewel of the strategy genre developed by the creators of FTL: Faster Than Light that pits groups of mechs against monsters in strategic turn-based battles. Apart from the free games, Epic Games Store is also giving players a coupon that is used to get a 10 € discount when purchasing a game with a price of 14.99 € or more on the store (during the promotional period). You will also receive another 10 € Epic Coupon that you can use in the same way.

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