It’s only a few days more until the highly anticipated film Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker can be watched on cinemas and the fans of Star Wars are dying to know how the third trilogy ends. In this favorable context, EA has published a new trailer to celebrate it and also revealed some info about the upcoming content coming to Star Wars Battlefront II in an update that will be available for free to all players.

The Rise of Skywalker update for Star Wars Battlefront II adds a lot of content to the game, starting with a new jungle planet with an unknown name which you can see in the video. It will be available on December 20th for cooperative battles where you can play as either the Resistance or the First Order, but also in Heroes vs. Villains mode.

We will also see the addition of four different types of troops as reinforcements. These include the First Order Infiltrator class Sith trooper, which is quite fast and wields advanced weaponry, and a new First Order Jet Trooper armed with a grenade-attachment enhanced blaster rifle. The Resistance is also getting its share of reinforcements with a new “Gunner” and “Spy” unit from the movie.

Regarding heroes, you will see new hero appearances inspired by the film for Finn, Rey and Kylo Ren. You can unlock them in the game or get them for free if you own the recently launched Star Wars Battlefront II: Celebration Edition, which also includes hundreds of appearances, emotes and victory poses for other characters.

Jakku – Capital Supremacy

All of that is coming to Star Wars: Battlefront II this month, but in January players will have the MC85 of the Resistance and the Resurgent-class Star Destroyer as part of the Capital Supremacy mode. And if you are a fan of astromech droids, BB-8 and its evil counterpart BB-9E are coming to the game as playable hero characters.

Star Wars Battlefront II will probably be getting more content based on Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker film in the following months.

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