Released last March, Star Wars: Battlefront II‘s Capital Supremacy has been a hit with the players. This mode offers non-linear battles, combining ground combat, and fights within a flagship. Two teams of 20 players, who play as either the Separatists or the Galactic Republic forces, as well as 12 AI-controlled units, clash on the battlefield. To sum up, the fighting begins on dry land, where each team must try to take control of five strategic points, command centers. The more positions you control, the more reinforcements you get, and the team that gathers enough can then attempt to invade the opponent’s flagship, which will have to be defended by the opposing team.

The next update, which will be released very soon, is planned for June 26 and it will enrich the current content of Supremacy Capital. Called “Where are those Droidekas?” it will bring, as its name indicates, the Droidekas for the Separatists. These droids will give their opponents a hard time with two abilities. They can roll into a ball to quickly reach a certain position, and they can also create a shield of energy to protect themselves. The Galactic Republic forces will field the TX-130 tank that can fire missiles to deliver powerful attacks.

Star Wars: Battlefront II – Droidekas

This update to Star Wars: Battlefront II also adds a new map, the very famous Naboo. This is the fourth map for Capital Supremacy mode released to date, which also includes Geonosis, Kashyyyk, and Kamino. A new skin for Anakin will also be available, General Anakin, but also for the clone soldiers, 212th Exploration Division and 41st Exploration Battalion.

We will also see more content coming into play this summer, as the Star Wars: Battlefront II roadmap mentions the arrival of Weekly Quests in July, “Epic Battles” in August, and a new map for Capital Supremacy that will take us to Felucia in the fall of 2019.

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