You may never have heard of it, but Space Junkies is a VR shooter developed by Ubisoft Montpellier that was released on March 2019 on PS4 and PC. Even if the number of players that succumbs to virtual reality is growing, technology does not seem to appeal to everyone for several reasons. We can mention the cost of the equipment, even if it has all the same decreased in recent years, the growing but still limited number of games for which the VR is really worth it, or the number of players on the games’ multiplayer. Yes, even if the VR can be a real asset to a multiplayer game, nobody wants to play an empty game.

Space Junkies – Gameplay

It is perhaps this last point that has made Ubisoft decide to develop a non-VR version for its Space Junkies shooter. As a reminder, Space Junkies is a multiplayer VR FPS in which you take part in zero-gravity battles. The action is frenetic, and the game offers several gameplay modes, seven in total in PvP with 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3 matches. Several characters, weapons and “orbital arenas” are also available, content is regularly added, and the game has a system of seasons with four episodes each.

If the idea of ​​fighting in space at a breakneck pace tempts you, but you do not have a VR equipment, know that you can test Space Junkies armed with your mouse and your keyboard on PC from tomorrow, thanks to the non-VR beta. The beta will be held on PC you can access via Uplay from July 25th at 11 am. It will end on August 7th.

The exact content of this non-VR beta has not been specified; however, we know that there will be crossplay between VR and non-VR players. This choice may seem surprising because at first glance it would give an advantage to players using the keyboard and mouse, but keep in mind that this is a beta, and we can imagine that this choice will test if the crossplay is viable for Space Junkies in the long run. To participate in the beta, just go to the dedicated page of the Ubisoft website, and log in to start preloading the Space Junkies beta now.

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